Monday, February 15, 2010

Goodwill finds Feb.

I got quite a few things over my last few trips to Good will, including a bunch of glass jars, vases, plates, etc etc. I didn't take pictures of them because they're not that exciting, and my camera was dying..

Bunny spoon rest or soap container, there are two so i will put one in the bathroom & one in the kitchen.

Cute spring wreath, only $3.

Little wagon, looks more fall-ish to me but i can use it for easter, or spray paint it pastel for spring then back to orange for fall.

I saw the boy bunny and thought he was ugly at first, then on my second walk through i stuck him in my basket, at the check out line I saw the girl to go with him and had to have them, they were only .29 a piece too I believe, kinda flimsy the ears are breaking off but oh well.

.99 cents for a bunch of shells and the jar

I thought this was WAY too cute to pass up.

This looks 100 times better in person, it was $3 so I wasnt sure if i wanted it at first, but its just so different and very heavy so I ended up getting it.

I fell in love with this at first sight.. I dont know what to put in it, it has separated compartments in it maybe for wine? either way I looked at the price tag and it was $1.99! I thought for sure it would be at least $5-7, I just had had had to have it. maybe ill take out the separator and use it for storage for something or other