Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Goodwill Finds Throughout the Summer.

So I've been lacking motivation to take pictures of things as I've been getting them.. so I decided to do it today! Prepare for a long post!

I got this cheese dome from goodwill awhile back, and painted it black and found these silver sparkly xmas balls to put in there for lack of anything else better right now.

Some bottles I got from goodwill now sit on my windowsill, i love the way they look when light is going through them.

next three are pictures of a corner cabinet my mom gave me, and everything on it aside from the "HOME" piece was from her also.. I got the HOME thing from goodwill.

A small silver tray I got from GW, I believe this was only .79 cents.. I couldn't wait to put this out but am not sure I like what I have on it... The cloche is from GW also, less than a dollar and more of the corks, I got like 6 bags of them.

The dish is from GW and was only .99 cents, the potpourri I had and I threw in some crystaled apples I had under the counter until I can find something better to put in there.

Bistro sign from GW, cloche, red glitter xmas balls and utensil jar all from Goodwill, I was super excited about that utensil jar ive been looking all over for one!

Bread box came from my mom since she never used it anymore and it fits PERFECTLY in this little space.. on top is a jar i got from GW awhile back, plate, stand and cat are all from GW too.

Heart wreath thing, its small but really cute.. I just dont know where to put it yet.

two Vases, idk what ill put in them yet but they were only .50 cents each.. hurricane glass thing, I cant wait to use this for fall and winter I have plans for this.. they always have like 30 of them everytime I go to GW but ive only ever bought two.. theyre so big I have no idea what id do with more than that!... the basket, seashells and there are the rest of the corks! all from GW waiting to find a home in my house somewhere...

Tray from GW for only .50 cents.. I have no idea what to do with it yet but I KNOW I want to paint it... I dont know if I want to make it into a chalkboard, or if i want to paint it white or black and use it as a decoration around with stuff on it.

Finally i've been finding little jars.. ive never been able to find any, big or small... I found this one for only .49 cents and added some of the seashells I had from before in it... I'll probably add something else as I find something mini to put in there!

Birdhouse was a purchase a long time ago, like back in Jan. I finally got to put it out though, and used some fake grass in there and a patroitic start I had... I need something else to do with this though, it just seems lacking to me but itll do for now!

jar with shells from GW

next three pictures are of baskets I got from GW. I am really happy with the first one.. It was a $5 basket for only .99 cents! It says something autumn on it and im not sure I like the colors, so ill probably, most likely, paint it.. I have no idea what color yet or what I want to do with it...
the second one is a super cute little brown tin/thing... It has such gorgeous amazing details on it I couldnt get over it, and it has the cutest little handles on the side! I dont know what to put in this one yet or where to put it but I knew I had to have it.. I found a green on like this one later, but didnt pick it up, I also found a really big long one like this one but didnt get that one either. I should have though.
and the third one is a little wooden fence/box/thing. haha I dont know where to put it or what to put in it yet, but I will def. paint it.. probably white and distress it a little...

Two halloween trees.. I thought they were so cute and less than a buck for the both of them.

Entrance View... the mirror we redid and I just LOVE it, its absolutely gorgeous