Monday, October 3, 2011

A little touch of fall ...

So I have been lacking in the blog post category lately.. Mainly because I have been lacking all motivation just in general. I usually have my decorating ALL done by now but I am still getting things put up, I still have so much Halloween stuff to get up yet. I just wanted to get some pictures up of some things around my house!

My kitchen window sill.. I don't have all of my Halloween stuff up yet so some of this will be taken down and switched out...

Front door.. this was my Grandma's wreath that my mom gave me this year.

Some leaves on top of the bread box..

My new light up witch hat!! I got it at TJ Maxx the other day and I just adore it!
The kitty plate I got at one of the country craft stores at the mall, its my up-all-year decoration but it ties in great for Halloween.. I threw some gourds and pumpkins up there after I took the picture.

My other TJ maxx finds.. (had to throw this picture on here)

My new obsession... GARDEN FLAGS!! I LOVE them! I have always wanted to buy myself a stake to get started but never did, but i finally used my 40% off Michaels coupon to get myself one and i've been watching 32976239062376902 flags on eBay since then.. this is my first one and i LOVE it! I can't wait to switch them out for the seasons and holidays!!

Ace wearing his new Halloween shirt!! He haaaaaated it. =^.^=

My little corner tree all decked out for halloween.. the lights are actually "candy corn" lights, and the bow I got for $1 at Joann Fabrics. I wasn't going to put a bow on but I loved it in the store and figured I can use it on the tree this year and maybe a wreath in the future!

Joann's/Target finds. My bow, a dish towel that I am in LOVE with. I love primative/country/americana stuff.. and $1 socks from Target! The bones glow in the dark, i am obsessed with making them glow and wiggling my feet around and watching them. I feel like such a little kid!

Top of my book shelf.

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