Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Newest buys!

So I made two trips to my two local Goodwills this week.. and Walmart.. and Ross.. and still more stores coming up, but I wanted to post now before it got TOO long.
Here are my finds:

Walmart clearance shirt $3. Reg: $14! This picture doesn't do it justice since it's black, but it's really adorable on and will be great when I need to dress up or go for an interview or something.
Ross: $7.. a bit higher than I wanted to spend but again, the picture doesn't do it justice. This shirt looks SO cute on, I've tried so many of these shirts on and they never look good on me, they make me look frumpy or pregnant but this one actually looks awesome! I can't wait to wear it somewhere with a bright colored tank top underneath.
My second walmart clearance find $3, reg $14, its a silky material, so soft, so nice on.
Goodwill tshirt, I loved the colors and its a nice lounge around the house shirt.
Goodwill shirt. I found this on the "don't want" rack outside of the fitting rooms and was surprised at how cute I thought it was and how cute it actually looked on me. It has an opening in the back, not a big one though (you can see it in the picture). This will be nice to wear out and when we go to Florida. I cant wait to wear it.
Ross clearance $5. zip up hoodie. It's lightweight but super soft inside, it will be nice to wear over a plain tshirt in the fall. There was a SUPERRRRRR (and i mean super) fuzzy one for $24 that I debated getting, but I put it back.. I have a ton of fuzzy sweatshirts i really dont need another. Maybe if it was $10 I would've got it.
Goodwill long sleeved shirt from the Loft. Its a baby blue color and soooffftttt.

Non clothing items:

bunny with bendable legs and ears $.69
3 Christmas Ornaments. the cat Hallmark Keepsake one was $.99, the snowman was $.69 and the santa was $.99, the santa still has a tag on it saying it was $8.99 at Kohls. I normally dont like santas but I thought he was really cute, and the details on both the santa and snowman are just REALLY well done. I can't wait for christmas!!

For use with my christmas village.. I am slowly growing my village, and I found this with all of the pieces still included and all packaged up. The fake snow is even still all together.. I dont even think it was ever used, honestly!

I also got a bath towel and a rug at Ross both for $3 but I already had them out/put away and forgot to get pictures of them.

Thanks for looking!! :)