Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

I finally took pictures of the tree and the other little tree that I got from my mom that I threw some lights on, and little light up presents under.. and added a bow that i am not too sure about.
I added the tree topper to the big tree tonight, and ornaments, and i am not done with the tree quite yet, I think i might want to add garland.. or more balls.. or something.. i dont know.. its just lacking to me.. but i wanted to get some pictures!
I had to take them with my phone so sorry about the crappy phone quality pictures, but I wont have my new camera until christmas eve morning so this will have to do!

and now onto some pictures... the big tree and the little tree in the corner! I will post more decorating pictures as I get them taken! :)

A little bit of guest bathroom decorating...

and again... all Goodwill finds from goodwill earlier in the year (including the corner holder thing and the angel)

Moose ornament .. I couldn't help myself, I HAD to buy it he was just too cute, plus he matches my window clings! :)

buffet before...

I was going to buy a wreath, but I figured id try making one first... I wanted to do it all green with the red bow and those red curly things i have in there, but I didn't have enough so I had to compromise and put on the red garland.. I think it looks ok!

Little table by the door (excuse the crow.. I figured he could hang out in his cage all year LOL)

Entry table..

some closer pictures of the snowmen...

buffet after.. I added the bead garland to the tray and some christmas balls laying around..
I have 4 silver trays that arent in use so I figured I would use one of them and put my willow tree figurines on it.

I replaced the silver balls (which are now scattered on the buffet) with silver and red ones.. the peppermint candles were from walmart last year after christmas.

Santa birdhouse from Goodwill earlier this year.
My manger that i've had since i was a little girl, and who knows how long before that. I really want a willow tree nativity set to display elsewhere but this one will ALWAYS go under the tree.

our DVD/video game shelves decorated for the holidays.

Target balls in my one jar, wood snowman from goodwill earlier this year and the grinch figurine is from a store in a near-by shopping mall that I got last year. I wanted to keep it in its package but I figure itll never be worth money, I might as well get it out and use it!

and finally, some pictures of just a few (of TONS) ornaments on our tree, they are personalized ones and ones we've had for awhile.
This one I got a few years ago when I worked at Bon-Ton, it was on sale, plus I had my discount, I think I got it for $2 or something around there, and it was close to $15 original.
Hubby's ornament from 1995
Mine from when i was little.. I have a couple others that I made in school or got throughout my childhood.
My hubby's grandmas ornament, he has been talking about getting one of them from her because its the only ornament that sticks out in his mind and the one he thinks of immediatly when he thinks of ornaments, so he went over and got one from her. When the air or heat blows up(or down) into it, that little fan swirls around. He was so excited to get it and put it on the tree. Just like a kid.
Hubby's mom got me this last year, it's our kitty LucyFurr's Santa picture LOL

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Goodwill 11.23

I stopped at Goodwill quick after work (of course!) and picked up a few things for $8. I got the below pictured things plus a pair of sweat pants, a blue towel thing that matches the red and green plaid one that i posted last time, this one is blue white and silver with snowflakes.. and an A&W root beer mug that i was excited to find, i couldnt leave it behind, and a mason jar mug for the hubby.
I found quite a few other things that i put back.. like a giant spoon and fork for $2, they were actually very heavy and i had them in my cart but put them back.. if theyre still there next time ill get them. and a few other birdhouses and other random things..

on to the pictures..

This rooster... I couldnt leave it behind, and it was only a dollar. I actually like the paint as is, but i dont know... any other ideas? its like a white/blue crackle.

Birdhouse for $1.99, I was SO excited to find this. I cannot WAIT to paint it and decorate it... I have been on the look out for a nice big one like this and i finally found it i didnt care if it was $3 i was leaving with it.
I'll probably paint it white (like everyone elses LOL)

Small birdhouse for $.49, there was another one for the same price but bigger, i was going to grab it adn repaint it but I put it back last minute.

Corning dish thing... $.99 its not a BIG one but its decent sized, i couldnt pass this up either.. no lid to it but thats ok.

There was also a really cute wooden tea bag container thing that the tea bags mustve been imported in. I loved it but put it back.. it was only a dollar but I liked my other stuff more and i didnt want to spend TOO much. I also found another blue box that was painted with white snow, i cant describe it but it was REALLY pretty, i just dont have any idea what i couldve done with it... There was also a HUGE orange wicker pumpkin for $.99 like the small one i posted before.. I almost grabbed that too and i shouldve but again if its still there next time then it was meant to be and itll come home with me! :)

let me know your ideas about that rooster.. and the birdhouse... im thinking white, but any ideas are welcome! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Finds at Goodwill!

two plates that match the bowls i got the other week.. I just wish I could find more and more colors! $1 for both.

LucyFurr checking out the new plates!

Christmas napkin.. thing.. I have no idea what it is but its really thin, there was a green one similar but this one was prettier.. I figure I can put it on one of my tables or something and put some xmas stuff on top of it!

Two picture frames, $.49 each. I plan on painting the blue one black to match just about every other frame that I have, and that gold one probably some type of white? Im not sure yet.. or maybe some funky bright color! I really liked a Huntington Green that I saw on someone elses page, maybe ill do a pop of color! but I was thinking White and do this frame for holiday images or something!

Stickers $.60, they are glow in the dark fuzzy ones, I thought they were too cute to pass up, I'll put them in my scrapbook and on other random things LOL I love stickers!

Two craft things.. both $.49 which i thought was pretty awesome.. The one I will make a christmas tree out of and the ball I have no idea yet.. I might make a topiary since I have some terra cotta pots just sitting around.. now Ill just need a rod to put it all together and figure out what to do with it!

I also got a $1 cute pink argyle-ish blanket that i'll use for hammocks and comfy stuff for my rats! I wish they had a bigger version for myself! Its so cute!

I plan on putting up some Christmas stuff and doing some Christmas-y projects through the weekend and the week, so keep checking back! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Goodwill Finds 11.11

3 bowls I picked up for $.50 each. They are super heavy, hand painted, gorgeous deep colors.. I couldn't pass them up.

another tray, i almost hate to paint over it but it doesnt go with anything i have.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thrifty Finds 11/9 and Advice Wanted!

I stopped at Goodwill on my way home today and spent $6 and found some pretty neat things. (with the exception of three things that I had from a previous trip there)

I have a few things on there that I don't know what to do with (should I paint them? What color? etc) If anyone could chime in and give me any ideas on what to do with them or how to paint them i'd love to hear them!!!!

This tin I picked up on my previous trip for about .50$.. I thought about repainting it but I actually thing that I like the coloring that is on it now.

I got these on this trip, a wicker pumpkin and a wicker sleigh.. my mom used to have pumpkins like these but I have no idea what she did with them, then I saw the sleigh a little ways down the aisle.. I just had to have them.. I considered painting the sleigh but I think I really like it red.. what do you think?
Both were $.49 each.. couldn't pass that up! I just wish I could've found another matching pumpkin!

A letter holder thing that I've been trying to find for a year now. I plan on taking the embellishments off and painting it one day and hanging it up somewhere and using it for.. something.. lol I want to use it for mail since we just throw the mail on the counter now I just don't know where to hang it so that it would look good.

I got this little jewelry box today it was only $.99. I have a bigger jewelry box at my moms that I have my stuff in from when i was younger. My mom bought me a willow tree little keepsake box thing that I keep the little bit of jewlery that I actually have in now beside my bed.. but I thought this was just too cute and its not too big! I really like the color of it, but I dont care for the flowers on the top so i'll probably have to paint it even though I don't really want to loose that color :(
I'll have to see what colors are out there that would make this super cute.

This easter wreath I almost passed on the last time I was at Goodwill, I had two wreaths in my cart one was a fall one and one easter, both $4.. I was going to buy both but I didn't want to spend too much money so I ended up putting the fall one back and getting this one, I really liked it and I know I could make it but for $4 and it was already done.. I couldn't beat that!

I found the next two houses today for $.49 each, the one was in the box with the light and everything, I walked down the aisle and saw the other one just sitting far back on the shelf.. it doesnt have the light in it but im sure I could buy one, or just leave it be.. either way i thought they were cute for the price, and I could start a little easter village! I actually almost put these back before getting to the counter but they were so cheap I figured why the heck not.

I found this 3 tier tray on my way out of the store today, I couldn't pass it up for $1.99... I HATE the paint job that is on it but there's not a scratch on it and it was decently priced and i've been looking for a smaller one to have on my counter or island to decorate after finding some cute inspiration pictures on other blogs for the holidays! I want to repaint it since i hate the paint on it but I was thinking that if i have stuff on there you will never see the pattern underneath, so i'll use it the way it is now, if i come across a color that I think would look awesome on this I will re-paint it.. I was thinking just white to cover up the top or maybe i can find some metallic paint or something for it make it pretty and shiny! LOL any thoughts on what to paint this?

Found this little trio of birdhouses. I LOVE love love birdhouses. It was $.99 but I couldn't let them lay there, they had to come home with me and join my bird house family. I am going to put them up on my litle corner cabinet since they're so small they'd fit perfectly.