Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

I finally took pictures of the tree and the other little tree that I got from my mom that I threw some lights on, and little light up presents under.. and added a bow that i am not too sure about.
I added the tree topper to the big tree tonight, and ornaments, and i am not done with the tree quite yet, I think i might want to add garland.. or more balls.. or something.. i dont know.. its just lacking to me.. but i wanted to get some pictures!
I had to take them with my phone so sorry about the crappy phone quality pictures, but I wont have my new camera until christmas eve morning so this will have to do!

and now onto some pictures... the big tree and the little tree in the corner! I will post more decorating pictures as I get them taken! :)

A little bit of guest bathroom decorating...

and again... all Goodwill finds from goodwill earlier in the year (including the corner holder thing and the angel)

Moose ornament .. I couldn't help myself, I HAD to buy it he was just too cute, plus he matches my window clings! :)

buffet before...

I was going to buy a wreath, but I figured id try making one first... I wanted to do it all green with the red bow and those red curly things i have in there, but I didn't have enough so I had to compromise and put on the red garland.. I think it looks ok!

Little table by the door (excuse the crow.. I figured he could hang out in his cage all year LOL)

Entry table..

some closer pictures of the snowmen...

buffet after.. I added the bead garland to the tray and some christmas balls laying around..
I have 4 silver trays that arent in use so I figured I would use one of them and put my willow tree figurines on it.

I replaced the silver balls (which are now scattered on the buffet) with silver and red ones.. the peppermint candles were from walmart last year after christmas.

Santa birdhouse from Goodwill earlier this year.
My manger that i've had since i was a little girl, and who knows how long before that. I really want a willow tree nativity set to display elsewhere but this one will ALWAYS go under the tree.

our DVD/video game shelves decorated for the holidays.

Target balls in my one jar, wood snowman from goodwill earlier this year and the grinch figurine is from a store in a near-by shopping mall that I got last year. I wanted to keep it in its package but I figure itll never be worth money, I might as well get it out and use it!

and finally, some pictures of just a few (of TONS) ornaments on our tree, they are personalized ones and ones we've had for awhile.
This one I got a few years ago when I worked at Bon-Ton, it was on sale, plus I had my discount, I think I got it for $2 or something around there, and it was close to $15 original.
Hubby's ornament from 1995
Mine from when i was little.. I have a couple others that I made in school or got throughout my childhood.
My hubby's grandmas ornament, he has been talking about getting one of them from her because its the only ornament that sticks out in his mind and the one he thinks of immediatly when he thinks of ornaments, so he went over and got one from her. When the air or heat blows up(or down) into it, that little fan swirls around. He was so excited to get it and put it on the tree. Just like a kid.
Hubby's mom got me this last year, it's our kitty LucyFurr's Santa picture LOL

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  1. :) i am your newest follower!

  2. Everything looks beautiful! We are having camera issues too!! I especially like your wreath.

    :) Michlle

  3. Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and left the sweet comment on my village. :) I started with one house, just like you and added to it every year. When I only had one, I still put snow around it and lit it up like it was an entire village! lol I just love my village! Hope you find all kinds of goodies so you can grow your own village too!
    Your decorations are just lovely...and I absolutely ADORE your square wreath...I NEED one of those! lol
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Your square wreath is the best!! Love it!! All your decorations look so festive - happy holidays

  5. Your home looks beautiful and all ready for the that wreath! Thanks for coming to my party and look, I'm your newest follower:)


  6. Everything is lovely and charming. I adore your small tree with the white lights!

  7. It looks fantastic! I love your Kristin ornament too!

  8. Your decor and home seem so inviting....Love it.

    Take care,

  9. Everything looks pretty! My favs are the little tree beside the corner hutch and the little kitty picture. Happy Holidays!

  10. LOVE the wreath on your door....SO different :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Aren't willow tree figurines so simple and sweet? Your Christmas decor is so pretty! I really like the moose ornament!!! :) I will be following your blog now! Thanks again for stopping by!

  12. Great job... everything looks wonderful. I love the little moose, I would have grabbed him too...

    Your wreath is adorable just the way it is.

    Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

  13. HEY!!! Im your newest follower and LOOOOOOOOOVIN IT! I love your Mardi Gras masks! Love your Tree, Love your blog, and loooove the cat! I would love for you to visit my blog and 14 days of xmas trees...a Floral giveaway you might like!
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  14. i'm just loving all your holiday cheer! looks like you truly found the magic of christmas.

    thanks for sharing!

  15. I loved all the detail...especially the Nativity scene! Thanks for taking us on a tour.

  16. Kristin, Thanks for sharing all your wonderful decorations at my party. Your trees are beautiful and everything is so festive.
    Happy Holidays,

  17. So charming! My favorite is your Willow Tree figures! I've been longing for the Willow Tree Nativity set. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back!
    Merry Christmas!

  18. it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas filled with so much cheer..blessings, your decor is sweet..Mica

  19. Everything looks so sweet! I think we all are having Christmas light picture taking worries!

  20. I love your sweet wreath and your trees are pretty. A lighted Christmas tree all by itself is lovely to see. It is all so festive.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  21. Nice decorations...thanks for sharing...blessings

  22. wow! the house looks great! you went all out! i like the buffet with the glitz of the ornaments!

    thanks for stopping by my blog, too! :-)

  23. All your decorations are so festive. I love the square wreath. Wonderful job!

  24. new follower from welcome wednesday.

    i'd love for you to come by my blog and follow back.

  25. It's looking very merry at your house! That square wreath is so unique, and I especially like your hubby's ornament from his Grandma. It's so nice to have ornaments that we remember from our childhood!
    Happy REDnesday!

  26. Darling and adorable, chickee!!!

  27. Great pictures!!! Must have taken forever to post! Thanks for the share!

    Out hopping, come on by Lucy's when you get a chance.

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  29. Just love it! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  30. Cute decor! It's all so inviting! Thanks for linking


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