Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Finds at Goodwill!

two plates that match the bowls i got the other week.. I just wish I could find more and more colors! $1 for both.

LucyFurr checking out the new plates!

Christmas napkin.. thing.. I have no idea what it is but its really thin, there was a green one similar but this one was prettier.. I figure I can put it on one of my tables or something and put some xmas stuff on top of it!

Two picture frames, $.49 each. I plan on painting the blue one black to match just about every other frame that I have, and that gold one probably some type of white? Im not sure yet.. or maybe some funky bright color! I really liked a Huntington Green that I saw on someone elses page, maybe ill do a pop of color! but I was thinking White and do this frame for holiday images or something!

Stickers $.60, they are glow in the dark fuzzy ones, I thought they were too cute to pass up, I'll put them in my scrapbook and on other random things LOL I love stickers!

Two craft things.. both $.49 which i thought was pretty awesome.. The one I will make a christmas tree out of and the ball I have no idea yet.. I might make a topiary since I have some terra cotta pots just sitting around.. now Ill just need a rod to put it all together and figure out what to do with it!

I also got a $1 cute pink argyle-ish blanket that i'll use for hammocks and comfy stuff for my rats! I wish they had a bigger version for myself! Its so cute!

I plan on putting up some Christmas stuff and doing some Christmas-y projects through the weekend and the week, so keep checking back! :)


  1. Ooo, what great stuff! I love painting picture frames, and even more, I LOVE making topiaries, so I vote for that! I've blogged about it several times. :)

  2. Nice thrifting! Whenever I see craft items for such great prices, I always snatch them up!