Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thrifty Finds 11/9 and Advice Wanted!

I stopped at Goodwill on my way home today and spent $6 and found some pretty neat things. (with the exception of three things that I had from a previous trip there)

I have a few things on there that I don't know what to do with (should I paint them? What color? etc) If anyone could chime in and give me any ideas on what to do with them or how to paint them i'd love to hear them!!!!

This tin I picked up on my previous trip for about .50$.. I thought about repainting it but I actually thing that I like the coloring that is on it now.

I got these on this trip, a wicker pumpkin and a wicker sleigh.. my mom used to have pumpkins like these but I have no idea what she did with them, then I saw the sleigh a little ways down the aisle.. I just had to have them.. I considered painting the sleigh but I think I really like it red.. what do you think?
Both were $.49 each.. couldn't pass that up! I just wish I could've found another matching pumpkin!

A letter holder thing that I've been trying to find for a year now. I plan on taking the embellishments off and painting it one day and hanging it up somewhere and using it for.. something.. lol I want to use it for mail since we just throw the mail on the counter now I just don't know where to hang it so that it would look good.

I got this little jewelry box today it was only $.99. I have a bigger jewelry box at my moms that I have my stuff in from when i was younger. My mom bought me a willow tree little keepsake box thing that I keep the little bit of jewlery that I actually have in now beside my bed.. but I thought this was just too cute and its not too big! I really like the color of it, but I dont care for the flowers on the top so i'll probably have to paint it even though I don't really want to loose that color :(
I'll have to see what colors are out there that would make this super cute.

This easter wreath I almost passed on the last time I was at Goodwill, I had two wreaths in my cart one was a fall one and one easter, both $4.. I was going to buy both but I didn't want to spend too much money so I ended up putting the fall one back and getting this one, I really liked it and I know I could make it but for $4 and it was already done.. I couldn't beat that!

I found the next two houses today for $.49 each, the one was in the box with the light and everything, I walked down the aisle and saw the other one just sitting far back on the shelf.. it doesnt have the light in it but im sure I could buy one, or just leave it be.. either way i thought they were cute for the price, and I could start a little easter village! I actually almost put these back before getting to the counter but they were so cheap I figured why the heck not.

I found this 3 tier tray on my way out of the store today, I couldn't pass it up for $1.99... I HATE the paint job that is on it but there's not a scratch on it and it was decently priced and i've been looking for a smaller one to have on my counter or island to decorate after finding some cute inspiration pictures on other blogs for the holidays! I want to repaint it since i hate the paint on it but I was thinking that if i have stuff on there you will never see the pattern underneath, so i'll use it the way it is now, if i come across a color that I think would look awesome on this I will re-paint it.. I was thinking just white to cover up the top or maybe i can find some metallic paint or something for it make it pretty and shiny! LOL any thoughts on what to paint this?

Found this little trio of birdhouses. I LOVE love love birdhouses. It was $.99 but I couldn't let them lay there, they had to come home with me and join my bird house family. I am going to put them up on my litle corner cabinet since they're so small they'd fit perfectly.


  1. Great finds. I like the tiered plates. I would leave them the way they are. Very vintage looking. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks! I will be covering the plates with whatever I am decorating with but I was thinking of painting them all one color just white or black or something but im lazy so i might not LOL

  3. I was thinking the same thing about the tiered plates. I know it is personal taste, but I think it is so cool and retro looking, I would keep it the way it is! Oh and you can never to wrong with Heirloom White Spray Paint. *not food safe.

  4. I think they are unique, and very retro and personally I would think it a shame to paint over them - I'd rather see you paint over a set of Royal Albert "Country Roses" which has drowned the market for too many years now.
    Why not resell them to someone who'd appreciate the pattern, and keep a lookout for another set to decorate to your own liking?
    If I lived on your side of the globe, I'd make an offer for the set; I love them!

  5. Hey, that tiered stand is yours....paint it if you want. If you use food, then you will need to cover the plates with something - a doily perhaps? Love the 3 slot mail thingey...I've seen them painted white - adorable! Linda

  6. i think I am going to keep the tierd plates the way they are.. if ever i get an inspiration or see something I like maybe then i'll change them.

    the mail thing I still dont know, i love wood im a huge fan of wood, and i know white is huge but white would really stick out, maybe black or a stone finish like how we did our mirror.. i'll have to make a trip to Lowes and look at their paints. Ive been looking for one for so long this one still even has the hooks on it too for keys and stuff.

  7. I love your little sleigh, it would look great with some greens in it-enjoy:@)

  8. thanks!
    I plan on putting some greens in there with some pine cones or little presents.
    I have so much more room to decorate with this year and i cant wait!

  9. What about glazing that little tin? We did a glaze finish on a few wall art pieces that looks great. It would really bring out the raised edges etc.


  10. I have a pumpkin like that, it just sits on my hearth. I added some moss grass to the top of it though ;)

    My hubby decided when we moved in this house that my sunroom needed bird houses, I have tons, I'll have to share sometime.

    Love all your finds and what good deals!

  11. I keep noticing you say "I couldn't leave it..." Be careful of that thinking or you will have a house as full of EVERYTHING as mine is. Learn to decide ahead quality and style before you bring everything home. OK- I admit I never learned that lesson. Anything you hesitate on will probably be there on discounted tag day.
    That said, I like everything you couldn't leave behind.

  12. I have seen a three slot mail holder used as a herb grower. They had painted it and used a washed litre juice box cut to size and planted up with herbs. looked great growing on the wall. The juice box had had its folded over flaps at it base opened so it sat better in the slot and was wrapped with aluminum foil to protect it from leaks. I unscrewed a cake stand, and I re-screwed it with crocheted doilys on the plates. They covered the pattern which I didn't like. The doilys had a big enough hole in the centre to slip over the metal bits. I also pasted comic book pages over the plates and covered with acrylic varnish. A good soak in a bowl of water and off it came when I wanted to change it. I have a painted wooden one in my bathroom now full of shells...

  13. Score! You have some awesome finds!! Love the teired tray. I've seen where people have placed doilys on the dishes...take apart and thread center thru center hole of doily.
    Have afun

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