Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Goodwill 11.23

I stopped at Goodwill quick after work (of course!) and picked up a few things for $8. I got the below pictured things plus a pair of sweat pants, a blue towel thing that matches the red and green plaid one that i posted last time, this one is blue white and silver with snowflakes.. and an A&W root beer mug that i was excited to find, i couldnt leave it behind, and a mason jar mug for the hubby.
I found quite a few other things that i put back.. like a giant spoon and fork for $2, they were actually very heavy and i had them in my cart but put them back.. if theyre still there next time ill get them. and a few other birdhouses and other random things..

on to the pictures..

This rooster... I couldnt leave it behind, and it was only a dollar. I actually like the paint as is, but i dont know... any other ideas? its like a white/blue crackle.

Birdhouse for $1.99, I was SO excited to find this. I cannot WAIT to paint it and decorate it... I have been on the look out for a nice big one like this and i finally found it i didnt care if it was $3 i was leaving with it.
I'll probably paint it white (like everyone elses LOL)

Small birdhouse for $.49, there was another one for the same price but bigger, i was going to grab it adn repaint it but I put it back last minute.

Corning dish thing... $.99 its not a BIG one but its decent sized, i couldnt pass this up either.. no lid to it but thats ok.

There was also a really cute wooden tea bag container thing that the tea bags mustve been imported in. I loved it but put it back.. it was only a dollar but I liked my other stuff more and i didnt want to spend TOO much. I also found another blue box that was painted with white snow, i cant describe it but it was REALLY pretty, i just dont have any idea what i couldve done with it... There was also a HUGE orange wicker pumpkin for $.99 like the small one i posted before.. I almost grabbed that too and i shouldve but again if its still there next time then it was meant to be and itll come home with me! :)

let me know your ideas about that rooster.. and the birdhouse... im thinking white, but any ideas are welcome! :)


  1. Looks like you truly found some treasures.

  2. love your turkey and birdhouses.. congrats on your new treasures..

    happy Thanksgiving

  3. Love the bird house. I'm different I like it the way it is. I am looking for one. Lucky you Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. The bird {rooster or chicken?} is very cute and I love the crackle on it! The birdhouse is awesome! It will look really good painted. You got some great bargains. Our Goodwill is not that great...I am never this lucky!!


  5. You sound a lot like me. Put things in the card, travel around a bit, add up your total, decide what you really love, etc
    I like the blue crackle chicken and am not one who paints evrything white. If you want to, you could add small touches of color, maybe streaks in the tail area, the comb and beak, maybe the eyes? Outline the wings with a thin black line.

    Last night I was at GW and gave myself $10 to spend. I walked out after tax at $9.86

  6. You hit the jackpot at GW...love that $1 rooster! Hop over and show all your treasures at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY...hope to see ya there:)


    I’m hosting a CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE on 12/9…would love to have you join in on the FUN!!!

  7. You found some awesome treasures! I love thrifting and finding things you've been looking for.

  8. Love the stuff you find. Beautiful stuff. I've been searching for a tray for a very long time and have yet to find one. Odd, huh?

  9. I love GW,too! And, you have some great finds! I'd shop with you any day!

  10. I found a similar birdhouse at a thrift store and painted it turquoise blue.

    Great finds!

  11. That's an absolute steal on the Corningware. That stuff will last until you're 100 years old!