Friday, November 12, 2010

Goodwill Finds 11.11

3 bowls I picked up for $.50 each. They are super heavy, hand painted, gorgeous deep colors.. I couldn't pass them up.

another tray, i almost hate to paint over it but it doesnt go with anything i have.


  1. you are right- those bowls are gorgeous! The kind of thing you have to pick up when you see them.
    I love the blue of the tray but also it would not fit my farmhouse decor. I look forward to seeing how you treat it.

  2. I found 3 plates, they had blue, purple and yellow. I was really tempted to buy them. They were huge and HEAVY. When I thought these bowls were heavy I didn't get to feel the plates. I put them back down though They were a bit too big for my liking, although they were gorgeous.
    I saw they had Orange on their website, id love to find that bright orange one day!

  3. WOW! Great finds! Love the bowls