Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Zoo!

I am joining up with debbiedoo's party!
I think this is a wonderful idea and I have, and have had so many pets in my life and I just love sharing them and their stories with everyone as well as reading about and looking at pictures of other peoples pets!

First off is my LucyFurr! She is our only cat right now, I want more in the worst way but for right now she's all I got.

I posted a story on her a month or so ago, but we were out looking for another cat and my fiance spotted her on the side of the road literally not even a mile down the road from the shelter. We took her inside and they said some guy came up claiming he "found her" also but they were full, they gave him the address of another shelter that would take her but appearantly he never did. They gave her all of her shots and everything for free since we said we wanted to take her home.

Here is a poor quality phone picture of her after we brought her home, she was only 6 months here.
Our baby now: Approx 6 years old.
She has the worlds biggest eyeballs. I swear.

She even joins in on christmas morning by wearing her PJ's!!!

I am going to post some pictures of pets from my past also. I have one pet on here that I have pictures of somewhere on my computer but i cant find them now, i have SO many pictures of her in my scrapbooks from when i was younger. She was the best cat i've ever had, she was like my sister, I had no siblings so Id tell her everything, she was ALWAYS with me, she'd cry when I would leave her, she would sleep on my pillow. I miss her everyday.

My bunny. I got her when i was in the 3rd grade, she passed away when i was about 21. she lived forever!
the dog in the picture is still alive, he lives with my mom though, he used to love me but later became a mommy's boy, so she kept him when i moved out. The cat on the top is Tabitha, we only had her for about a year or so before she became really ill and had to be put to sleep.
the cat in the bottom picture with my dog is Bud, she was the cat I wrote the little tribute to above, she was the best cat ever!
my bearded dragon.
Phyllis.. I found her in the parking lot of a church, she was such a loving cat but she *hated* being around other cats. I found a lady who had lost her cat a few years ago and she wasnt really looking for another one yet, but when she saw pictures of her she knew it was meant to be, she and her family fell instantly in love with her. I would have never given her up but the other cats just terrorized her, they wanted to play with her but Phyllis wanted nothing to do with them and would hide constantly, she couldnt even go to the litterbox in peace. and it just wasnt fair to her.
They still send me pictures every once in awhile, she became a tubby little girl and she is SO much happier there being the only cat. I am so happy I found her and found her a new family.

Missy... RIP.. she was my fiances cat, until I moved in she lived on top of the refrigerators and the highest points in the house. Once I came along she was always with us. She was the softest kitty ever. Loved sleeping in sinks. I miss her :(

Bubz.. he's not my cat, hes the 3 legged kitty from the animal hospital I worked at an go to. He is *the* sweetest cat EVER. seriously.
Boris & Jinky.. My little boys when they were just a few weeks old.
Coraline (RIP)
Lt. Mustardseed, Zoey and Gaz (rip) when they were only 5-6 weeks old, this was the day or so after I brought them home. My first 3 rattie girls ever and I have learned so much from them and realized how loving of a pet rats really are. They really are such a great pet. Gaz just passed away in November, Zoey has a tumor on her lower abdomen and Mustardseed is still goin' strong. This Jan they are about 2 years old and rats generally only live 2-3 years.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oops… I was thrifting again…

Warning! This is going to be a very picture heavy post. I’ve done a LOT of Goodwill and after christmas shopping and haven’t shared it in awhile, so I fully intend on making the most of this post.. But hopefully everyone will enjoy looking through my great finds as I am excited to have found them and want to share with the world! Smile with tongue out 

I must also note now that I am planning on cleaning out and organizing EVERYthing. We plan on moving eventually so I don’t want to go super crazy, but the more organized I am now, the easier I am hoping it will be to move and put things away in whatever house we buy later!

Ok.. now on to the good stuff!

This cute snowman found at the Goodwill check out line with no price. The lady said “um, $1.99 and he’s half off (since christmas décor is 50% off at all our goodwills) he'’s a plaster.. or feels like plaster, and really tall (note the tupperware box in the back for reference!)


$1 1000 piece puzzle. I haven’t done a puzzle in forever yet this is the second one that I’ve bought in the last year. I love penguins, and this one would be nice to do, frame and have up around christmas time!


2 of those plastic shamrocks. My mom always had these, cupids for Valentines day and other stuff for other holidays. She gave them to goodwill years ago though so when I saw these I had to get them. There’s only two but I can make do.. and I’m sure I’ll find more over the years! they were only $.29 each too!

(note my helper)


Peebles after christmas find. These suckers were $24, I got them on sale for $4.80. They are candles but I will never use them as such.


Little basket. $.99. I have it in the laundry room right now waiting for a use once I start organizing. I think I might use it in my kitchen in the cupboard where I keep all the canned goods and other random packets of stuff and use this to hold the packets and snacks that find themselves straying from their boxes.


I had to have this. I wish I had it for christmas so I could’ve filled it, but Valentines day is good enough!


2 sets of cards from Kmart, they were only 50% off since Kmart is appearantly behind everyone else.. but the one has all kinds of assorted cards, and look at how adorable some of them are!


I just like the front picture on these!


The next 3 are ornaments from Kmart. I believe they were $2 something each but I liked the colors on them all so I just picked them up.




Is this not cute?! $.49 and half was off that for christmas! He’s really heavy too, and shiny! hahaha I just love him!


$.49 original, and was half off that. . because of my snowman addiction, and the price couldn’t pass it up!


I don’t typically like santa’s but I thought he was cute! he has a chip on his bottom backside but nobody will ever notice! and if they do OH WELL! $.50!


$.25  I don’t like the deers eyes but I love cute little knick knacks.. and for a quarter he was coming home with me!


Could it get any cuter than this?! I think not!! $.99 I don’t know what I’ll put in here, maybe I’ll do some computer print outs or something for easter until I have kids.. or put my pets pictures in here, but I loved these books growing up and was ecstatic when I found this!


Santa boot with tree and bell ornaments. $.99 + half off.


$.99 each, + half off for each. These things are bigger than they look and I thought they were adorable, I saw them from far away and practically RAN to them and scooped them away before anyone else saw them.  I love the stitched look almost like they are soft stuffed animals but they are defiantly not.


$.49 for both of these candle holders.. appearantly someone tried selling them at one point for $3.  (note, my helpers tail at the bottom)


Another figurine



ornaments from Walmart. $.25 each! I wanted to get more, but I showed some restraint.


Some random picks from walmart.. I was planning on using these for my January wreath but I think I might just go straight into Valentines day, but I could still use these in there too I guess! $.25 each


Walmart ornaments. $3 with 75% off. I got some other colors before but I wanted to get some blue and white for after christmas. They had purple and dark blue there too but I have no idea what holiday Id use them for.. I guess purple could be used for halloween, mixed with black or something.



Last of the birds from Target. I am glad I got to them since I only had the red one but wanted some of the others. Plus a lollipop ornament. I think I might use this for Easter actually. 75% off for this.


Michaels garland. $2.09 each.. more than I wanted to spend but I really liked it. I bought a wreath for $5.99.. It’s a berry one but its not round its like a spray kinda.. I’ll get a picture of it later its in my car right now. and a bow to replace the one that was on the wreath since it was kind of blah and sick looking. I spent $11 at Michaels.. more than I wanted but I really liked the wreath and these two garlands.. I plan on using these garlands on my corner hutch next year.. or who knows I might have some where else for them by then!


This mug was love at first sight. I don’t use mugs as much as I used to but I have an obession with them. Seriously. My cupboard doesn’t hold them anymore. I have to clean out another one and move some stuff around. This one says it was handpainted on the bottom I forget by what company or person, but I just love it, love the colors.


Some organizing tools. these were all between $.49 and $.99  Different lengths, widths and heights. I am excited to put them to use!


Another box for storing stuff. I might use this for my Yankee Candle tarts ($.99). The ornament is another Hallmark keepsake. It says it’s the first one of this line so I am excited to have started at the beginning and will defiantly keep on buying these now! ($.50). And two poofy bow things for gifts. They had a ton more the last time I was there but these were the last two left, I think they’re cute! ($.69 each)


Closeup of ornament.. is it not adorable!!


Joann’s find. I spent a little under $8 on this and saved $17.50. Those two packs of ornaments despite how super teeny tiny they are were $6.99 and $9.99 at one point in the season. Ridiculous! The picks were all $1.99 and were on sale for $.59 The peacock one is an oddball, it has little jingle bells in it. and there was only one in the store. I have no idea why I bought it but I really liked it, no matter how much I tried I couldn’t put it down.  072

What? Don’t judge me!

I collect beanie babies. Yeah, that’s right. I am 23, have no kids, I collect them for myself. I’ve always done it since they started back in the early 90’s and have a TON of them. I need to make a list so I know what I have and don’t have when I go out. two of these are actually from the originals back in 93 and are in perfect condition.


Target ornaments $.25 each. Again.. I wanted to get more, but restrained myself. They still have a TON left. so maybe I’ll go next week and get more if they still have them. who knows maybe they’ll be like 90% off!


More Target finds. The pin was $7 and was 75% off. I have been trying to find some cute after christmas deals on pins but haven’t found any. This was the cutest one I’ve found. The Andes mints looked good in the aisle. I tried one tonight and was instantly hooked. I think I ate like 30 in a matter of minutes. Yummmm.


Goodwill finds. The two Snowmen were $.50. They are tea light holders but I just liked the way they looked! and the glass thing was also $.50 and will be used in the bathroom to hold… something… maybe q-tips and I’ll move the q-tip container elsewhere.


ok… I DO have a book problem. Really. I need help.

I have SO many unread books on my bookshelf because I cannot stop buying more and I am not reading them fast enough because Blogs and the internet in general and video games and work and sleep take up the most of my time lately.  but here’s what I got in my last two or three trips to Goodwill. Two of these books I have wanted badly for awhile but since I haven’t bought books full price at a book store in awhile I have been waiting paitently. I am such a happy camper! ($.99 each.. I wish they’d do half off day on books!)


Two recent finds. both $1.99 each


I debated not getting it, but I love the old cover, the pretty side and I would like to get more books like this to set up somewhere and make them look pretty in a group.. and for $1.99 I wasn’t going to let it slide by!


Ok. If you have been reading this particular blog a few pictures up with the beanie babies.. remember me saying that I have NO kids?? Yeah.. so I will present you with this picture.

I had in my hand an AWESOME copy of a bedtime stories book which was HUGE and had gold leafed pages. but I put it back.

I know every single story in this book and what really got me was the cover. It is so cute, it’s velvet and I just love it. It’s a Hallmark book, I didn’t know they made books, but the inside back cover lists it for $15.  I will have kids SOME day and I can’t wait to use this! But until then it will sit in waiting!


Target dollar bin Valentines finds.. only the bubble bath was $1, and I believe those hearts too, but everything else was $2.50. The blocks spell something different on each side, and I like the pink stones.. I can use them for easter too. I have red ones that I got from Walmart last year so I was excited to see these since I wanted more.


And I will leave you with my helper kitty, Lucy. Being a lazy bum while mommy was playing video games.


If you’re still with me and not in a picture coma by now. Thank you! and have a wonderful day bloggers!