Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Zoo!

I am joining up with debbiedoo's party!
I think this is a wonderful idea and I have, and have had so many pets in my life and I just love sharing them and their stories with everyone as well as reading about and looking at pictures of other peoples pets!

First off is my LucyFurr! She is our only cat right now, I want more in the worst way but for right now she's all I got.

I posted a story on her a month or so ago, but we were out looking for another cat and my fiance spotted her on the side of the road literally not even a mile down the road from the shelter. We took her inside and they said some guy came up claiming he "found her" also but they were full, they gave him the address of another shelter that would take her but appearantly he never did. They gave her all of her shots and everything for free since we said we wanted to take her home.

Here is a poor quality phone picture of her after we brought her home, she was only 6 months here.
Our baby now: Approx 6 years old.
She has the worlds biggest eyeballs. I swear.

She even joins in on christmas morning by wearing her PJ's!!!

I am going to post some pictures of pets from my past also. I have one pet on here that I have pictures of somewhere on my computer but i cant find them now, i have SO many pictures of her in my scrapbooks from when i was younger. She was the best cat i've ever had, she was like my sister, I had no siblings so Id tell her everything, she was ALWAYS with me, she'd cry when I would leave her, she would sleep on my pillow. I miss her everyday.

My bunny. I got her when i was in the 3rd grade, she passed away when i was about 21. she lived forever!
the dog in the picture is still alive, he lives with my mom though, he used to love me but later became a mommy's boy, so she kept him when i moved out. The cat on the top is Tabitha, we only had her for about a year or so before she became really ill and had to be put to sleep.
the cat in the bottom picture with my dog is Bud, she was the cat I wrote the little tribute to above, she was the best cat ever!
my bearded dragon.
Phyllis.. I found her in the parking lot of a church, she was such a loving cat but she *hated* being around other cats. I found a lady who had lost her cat a few years ago and she wasnt really looking for another one yet, but when she saw pictures of her she knew it was meant to be, she and her family fell instantly in love with her. I would have never given her up but the other cats just terrorized her, they wanted to play with her but Phyllis wanted nothing to do with them and would hide constantly, she couldnt even go to the litterbox in peace. and it just wasnt fair to her.
They still send me pictures every once in awhile, she became a tubby little girl and she is SO much happier there being the only cat. I am so happy I found her and found her a new family.

Missy... RIP.. she was my fiances cat, until I moved in she lived on top of the refrigerators and the highest points in the house. Once I came along she was always with us. She was the softest kitty ever. Loved sleeping in sinks. I miss her :(

Bubz.. he's not my cat, hes the 3 legged kitty from the animal hospital I worked at an go to. He is *the* sweetest cat EVER. seriously.
Boris & Jinky.. My little boys when they were just a few weeks old.
Coraline (RIP)
Lt. Mustardseed, Zoey and Gaz (rip) when they were only 5-6 weeks old, this was the day or so after I brought them home. My first 3 rattie girls ever and I have learned so much from them and realized how loving of a pet rats really are. They really are such a great pet. Gaz just passed away in November, Zoey has a tumor on her lower abdomen and Mustardseed is still goin' strong. This Jan they are about 2 years old and rats generally only live 2-3 years.


  1. Looks like you are a real animal lover. Great photos.

  2. Your black cat is a beauty! Beautiful pictures of your past animals also. Pitty they don't get old as we do and we must always say goodbye to some, but I am sure under the rainbow bridge they're waiting for us someday. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Lucy is such a doll! I can't believe she lets you dress her up - Socks would never allow it.

  4. OK I could do without the last guys LOL!!~ Lucy furr is gorgeous...I love her in her Christmas sweater. Your past pets were adorable too. I am so glad you liked the party and joined has been wonderful!

  5. Oh how pretty Lucy is. I used to have an all black kitty and loved seeing all your pets! So glad there are others out there who want to give rescues homes!

  6. Lucy Furr is very pretty. We've never had a rat, butwe've had a guinea pig and hamsters.

  7. Aww... what cute little fur babies! Lucy is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Who needs coffee this morning... I saw a cat in a onesie pajama & rats eating cereal! :) Too cute, too funny!

  9. I love gray kitties so Missy's my favorite. I used t have one that looked like her named Stinkerbell.
    Found you from Survey Junkie. :)

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  11. Looks like you may be an animal lover HA! Great photographs! I am your newest follower. Hop on by my site and take advantage of the latest coupons, freebies, giveaways, promotions, and so much more! Hope to 'see' you around soon!
    Stay Fabulous
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