Thursday, March 3, 2011

Show Me Your Ring!!!

Did you look at rings together?
I always looked at rings online and showed him things that I liked. But then his mom gave us her old engagement/wedding rings to use if we wanted. Our friend works for Helzberg in the mall so we took the rings to her at a restyle event. I was never a fan of pear shape diamonds until she took the main stone out and found the PERFECT setting to put it in with two other pear shapes around it. I think it is just perfect. WAY more than I ever intended on spending on a ring, but its perfect!

Do you like your ring? Did you from the beginning?...and be honest!
When she gave it to us, not really.. i was never a fan of pear cuts, and it had a gold band and different settings to put it with.. i didnt care for it but i was interested in seeing what we could do at a restyle.

How often do you wear your rings?
Always.. I used to take it off when I showered because it always seemed to get blah after a few showers.. after i get it cleaned ill take it off just so i can keep it bright and sparkly but then ill just forget. The only jewlery I wear are the things that he bought me and I never ever take them off.

Do you clean your rings?
I take them to the place we got it restyled at since our friend works there, plus I need inspections on it every 6 months. I usually take it every time I go to the mall just because im there. I would like to get something to clean it myself though.

What went through your mind the very first time you saw your ring?
"SPARKLYYYYYY" lol, even still I will amaze myself with the sparkle in the window of my car when the sun hits it. I love it. The cat will even chase the reflection if i point it the right way!


  1. Beautiful ring! I actually love pear shaped stones. They seem to catch the light in a special way. Like your cat, my dog will chase what we call "sparkles". I think it's weird that a dog will do that but I do have the scratches on the cabinets and doors to prove it.

  2. I have the exact same ring! I love how unique it is! Most people have round or square cut stones. Love the pear with one on each side - I've never met anyone with the same style ring before.

  3. Your ring is absolutely stunning! I love pear shaped stones!

  4. wow ive never seen your ring before and i love it :) so pretty! xo

  5. SO unique! I love it! I just posted my rings :)

  6. that's a gorgeous and very unique ring, I have never seen anything like it! I posted my rings at :)

  7. PRETTY ring! I rarely wear my wedding ring because makes a welt on my finger... and it's sooo pretty too.. saddest thing!