Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tornados and bigger than golf ball sized hail!

So today was quite the eventful day.
We sat down for our managers meeting at work at 4:30pm. One of the girls who came in said we had a tornado warning which none of us were aware of, but we shrugged it off, weve had them before but nothing really ever happens.
Well yeah, it did. The front came through twice, both times very quickly. It got CRAZY dark and I mean to the point it looked like midnight (no joke) at 4pm. We though the menu board in the back of the building ripped out and started bashing off the back of the building. But it turned out to be hail which was golf ball sized, if not bigger.
Then the tornados started. we didnt actually get one at our store, but did get multiple ones 5 minutes down the road. The one ripped the roof off of one of the high schools. My friend took the picture from her house of the one funnel cloud and sent it to me while I was at work. Im sure if we looked hard enough outside we would've seen one too.

It was just crazy. Nothing of mine was damaged, none of our cars were damaged at work either I have no idea how we managed that one! And I don't know anyone personally who had anything damaged but I know looking on the news channels website there was a lot of stuff destroyed and my heart goes out to them!

And just because I took this picture a few days ago and thought it was slightly amusing.
This would be my lovely LucyFurr, ignoring mommy's attempt at loving her. >.<


  1. Skeeeeerd! I live in Texas..Tornadoville!
    Great pic!

    Thank you for linking this up to WHASSUP WEDNESDAY!

    Hope to see you next Wednesday:)