Friday, March 25, 2011

Some painting advice needed!

So I bought this birdhouse a couple of months ago:

And its been sitting around ever since.. it got cold out and I never got time to paint it. Now that its spring.. or deciding whether it wants to be spring... I am gathering up all of my stuff that has been sitting in my project pile and that needs painted. This being one of them. I do think it is unique the way that it is, but I think it needs painted..

I am between a white and a robins egg blue. Now I have nothing of either color in my house.. with the exception of one birdhouse that I bought its a chippy white. I think the blue might be a bit too much and too bright for my house and the decor.. im thinking of doing it white, chipping it up just a little bit...

Just looking for some advice!! and comments would be appreciated!

i have lots of extra moss im going to make a little nest and add a cute bird to it whenevr its done.

On my to do list are two trays, the one pictured and another slightly larger white wooden one with painted flowers

I love the bright robins egg blue of this tray.. it doesn't go with anything of mine, but i think i might keep it and just lay some type of scrap book paper on it.. something black or black and white..
The white one I am going to repaint white since it has flowers all over it.

This little jewlery box:

I LOVE the color of the wood, its actually in VERY good condition, I just DO NOT like the flowers on the top... id really just love to stain it a dark color rather than spray painting it.. but if i do spray paint it i think i am going to do it a bright color.. one that i dont use so that it stands out.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on removing that flower so that I can just stain it? I dont think theres any way but you never know!!!

Thanks everyone for reading and hopefully I can get some good suggestions out of you all!!! :) :)

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  1. I think the bird house would be beautiful in a cream or robin egg blue! I'd go robin's egg blue but you definitely want it to blend with your decor.