Sunday, March 27, 2011

My CVS haul!!!

Hey there bloggers!
I decided to enter the world of CVS shopping and ECBs and I am very happy with my trip today!!

I realized that I put back my scrubbing bubbles because I thought I had the total that I needed but I really didn't so i'll have to go back for one more thing.. and I could have swore that I put up my coupon for the tooth paste but its not showing that it took it off on there, but I believe it was only for .50 cents or $1, which adds up but maybe it was put towards something else and I'm just not realizing it? Or i'll have to go check my coupon stash and see if I did use it.

Picture of my haul (Lucy just HAD to get in the picture, and she was sitting so nice I just couldn't shoo her away.. and don't mind the easter decorations and the valentines arrangement I haven't stuffed away yet -.- )

I plan on going back to buy $3 more of glade product so that I can get the $4ECB and I have $1 ECB left over PLUS $2.37 coming on 4/1 from the winter spending thing.. so I think I am going to wait until then to buy it then I can use the 2.37 towards the $3 and get $4 ECB and i'll have $5 ECB total! (see, im catching on kinda quick! )

now for my transactions and my totals!

Transaction #1

Palm dish liquid 10oz $ .88 Saved .79
Axe deodorant $3.79 Saved .70
Axe deodorant $3.79 Saved .70
Axe shower gel $3.79 Saved $2.00
Mt. Dew $.88
Mt. Dew $.88
Pepsi $.88
Pepsi $.88
Olay Cleansing cloths $3.99 Saved $2.00
Skintimate shave gel $3.49
(i thought i had a coupon on there for this but i think he took it off something else?) Got $2.50 in ECB
Dove mens body wash $5.00 Saved $.49
Colgate toothpaste $3.69
(could've SWORE I used a coupon for this too!)
Colgate toothpaste FREE Saved $3.69

13 Items
Coupons totalling $4.56
Total $28.81 after tax
got $7.50 in ECB

Transaction #2
Household Cleaners

Pledge spray $3.00 SAVED $3.89
Pledge Spray $3.00 SAVED $3.89
Pledge Fabric sweeper $3.00 SAVED $3.99
CVS cloths for swiffer $2.99 SAVED $3.00

this is the one I put back the scrubbing bubbles, I had the CVS cloths up there and mistakenly thought they were part of the deal and put it back.

4 items
1 coupon $1.00
1 coupon $4.99
1 CVS MFR Coupon $5.00

TOTAL: $1.06!!!

Transaction #3

Sparkle paper towels $5.99 Saved $2.80

1 CVS MFR coupon $2.50

Total after tax: $3.70

$1.00 ECB towards next purchase..

$33.57 for everything in the picture.
saved $50.43!!!

Not too shabby for my first time... I'm sure I could've done something differently, and I forgot to bring my reuseable bags and grab a green tag thing :( :( :(

If I take back my receipt with coupons for some of the things i think i missed coupons for this week will they take them off or honor them? I know some places do.. not sure about them..

and like I said above I plan on going back to finish the one ECB offer once I get that coupon (hopefully itll be a printable instead of mailed or something!) that way i'll only spend less than a dollar and get $4 back! and i'll have $5 ECBs to use at a future date!!


  1. Way to go Kristin! You did an awesome job :)

  2. I followed your link from Hot Coupon World.

    I had a Skintimate coupon for .55 cent off, but the register at CVS would not take it! The cashier even tried to override it, and it wouldn't go at all. I ended up not purchasing the product because of the hassle. I'll try again later this week.

  3. My $.02 as a CVS cashier: Usually if someone brings in a coupon and says they forgot about it and it's within a week I'll just do a post coupon.

    If it's really an issue you should be able to 'return' the item and then 'repurchase' it. (Only works if you do it the same week as the purchase.) The return & repurchase is the correct way for us to take the forgotten coupon.

    Good luck then!

  4. I believe Lucy is looking for some CVS deals on cat treats! Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.

  5. I always forget the reusable bag and tag too!

    Just FYI on the Skintimate coupon, it is coded wrong and will beep. My CVS manager said that it was coded with the same bar-code that a fraudulent coupon is coded with. Therefore it sends up a flag to the cashier. Of course the Skintimate coupon is not fraudulent. My manager pushed it through by changing the amount off to $0.60- he was so nice!

  6. Thanks for linking up on my blog Pounds 4 Pennies. Looks like you did very well this week at CVS. You can now try to keep your ECB's rolling from week to week.

  7. Great job! You are DEFINITELY catching on very quick! :-)

  8. Good Job Kristen! Thanks for following me.

  9. Check your receipt and see if they did a "Cash sale" for .55. My cashier just put in that I payed .55 in place of the skintimate coupon and shorted her drawer, which was very nice of her. :)

  10. Nice haul, I wish I had a CVS near me. I'm always jealous when I read all the deals. Thanks for commenting on my post.

  11. Great job! I just love coupon highs!!
    I'm your newest follower from the hop!
    Hope you can hop by and visit me:

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Nice job for your first time... You will totally get the hang of it too and soon only have to buy things when they are free (or suuuuuper cheap) because you will have such a big stockpile! LOVE coupons!