Friday, April 1, 2011

My Second CVS trip and a Rite Aid stop

*note cat butt in background*
I took 10 pictures (no joke) with her standing right in front or moving around while I was trying to take them. This was the only one I had where she wasn't right in front or blocking half of the stuff!

I looked for clean & clear but this location doesnt carry the body wash. I considered using it on face care but I am going to see what my other store has tomorrow.. Now onto the goodies!

Transaction #1
Scrubbing Bubbles $3

$4 in ECB (I needed 1 more thing to finish this up to get my ECBs)

total: $3.18 after tax
ECB: $4

Transaction #2

(2) Palmolive dishsoap $.88 ea
(5) Pepsi products $.88 ea (this store actually had different ones on sale not just mtdew and pepsi!)
(2) NM fish oil $9.99 ea b1g1 (saved 9.99)
(1) CVS daily moisturize wash $1.75 75%off (saved 4.24)
(1) CVS body wash $2.15 75% off (saved 6.34)

Coupons used:
(3)Nature Made coupons from All You and print outs: $4.00, $3.00 and $1.00
(1) ECB: $4.00
(1) ECb: $1.00

11 items
Total after tax: $7.51!!!
Saved today: $40.70

I am so thrilled with that one.. I wasnt going to use my $1 on this one but I figured why not.. might as well! She also let me use 3 coupons on the vitamins, I had a bunch more coupons for them I should've tried to use as many as I possibly could but I already handed her all of my coupons and didn't want to dig.

I am going to go to my other CVS tomorrow, where I made my original purchases and get some of the clean & clear body wash since I have a bunch of coupons for that and some more 2 liters.

Rite Aid

I wanted to get the finish tabs since they are 50% off, but I forgot all my coupons at home :( BOOOO the sale is until tomorrow so I have all my coupons with me and plan on stopping at the other one beside my house and picking up at least one box.

(1) Jane foundation $1.04 75% off saved $3.15
(1) Easter bunny ears $2.24 saved $.75
(2) Xtra Laundry Detergent $1.99 ea saved $3

4 items
total: 7.70
saved: 6.90

Would've been better had I not bought the bunny ears, but I really liked them, and I need them for work.
The laundry detergent was a decent buy plus I needed more. and the Jane products were all 75% off, and totally picked over, this was the only thing there that was my shade and something that I needed anyway!
I need to go back tomorrow to use my coupons on the Finish dishwashing tabs, they're $6.49 and 50% off and I have a couple coupons.
I wasn't very impressed with Rite Aid, I think I am preferring CVS over RA, but I guess it all depends on the sales! I did like finding the foundation 75% off though!!

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