Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CVS trip 4/27

So I know I could have done this all better and I had it worked out last night better than this but I forgot my paper at home.. plus I didn't get some of the things I went for..

I did get everything for $6.97 oop technically.. I should've used my gift card to cover this half but I used it to cover my other two transactions..


Blink $7.99 - $1.00 = $6.99 with $7.99ecb back
(2) Honest Tea $.99ea minus (2)$1/1 Qs = free

payed $6.97 oop and got back $7.99 ecbs


Oral B.. i got toothpaste and two manual toothbrushes
$3.50 + $3.49 +3.89
minus $3.49(bogo), $1/1, $2/2
= 4.39
+$5 ECBs

(now i had a TON of oral b Qs but I have no idea what happened to them.. I think i threw them in the recycling ) I have some left for the pulsar toothbrushes so i think i might use them since hubby likes those toothbrushes

(4) Honest Tea $.99 ea
- (2) BOGO
= $1.98

(2) Biore @7ea
= $14 - $7
= $7

now its saying my total was $4.73 after I used my $7.99ECB from the first transaction.. I think it should've been a little bit more? Not sure what happened there but I wont complain..

Trans #3

Since i needed ONE more dollar to go towards the biore deal.. (this is when i wish i had the extra Qs.. maybe it wouldnt be such an uneven amount!)
I went back and bought 2 more Biore, used BOGO and $6 in ECBs
made my total $1.06

I have $4.21 left on my gift card after today..

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