Sunday, April 24, 2011

Walgreens trip 4/24 and some Easter around the house!

My Easter Walgreens trip that went wrong. I still only spent $3oop for everything, but I didn't get back my other $4rr because of the way the cashier rang it up after i told her in the beginning i was doing 3 seperate transactions. I plan on calling them back tomorrow morning and seeing if i can return them and re-do the transaction to get my RRs.. even though I used coupons on it it shows them on the receipt so i dont know why they couldnt just do a manual adjustment for them??

I took a few pictures of some easter stuff around the house... It's not everything thats up but I figured i'd just take a few.

centerpiece on the dining room table.. sorry for the mess in the background.. wasn't really planning on pictures tonight! lol

Entry table.. again.. the mess... I really need to clean!

Wreath.. I love this thing!

Hubbys easter basket =P
We don't have any kids.. just each other and pets so I always get him a basket.. This year i used all my extra bucks at CVS to buy most of his stuff aside from the hershey's bars, those were walmart and i realize now i could've got them at CVS also :head smack:
but i reuse the same basket and eggs and i have many other baskets that i can use to switch it up. I will never ever have to buy baskets again even when we do have kids! HA!

Now my project for myself is to decide what paint I want to use for some of my projects..

i have two shelves that I want to hang by the entry table .. i got them from goodwill (and i know i have pictures on here somewhere) but they are a darker wood color, however everything in that part of the house is black and i dont know if i want to spray paint them black to match or if i want to give them a coat of stain or something... I just dont know I am so undecided!!!!
If I paint them black I am afraid that when we move and i use them in a dfferent area.. am i still going to want them that black color???

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