Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

Hello everyone out there in blog world!! Hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
I am slowly getting my Christmas decor up and wanted to do a post with some pictures from around the house and some recent Goodwill finds! Onto the good stuff! ;-P

My Willow Tree nativity this year is on top of my bookshelf in the living room.. I only need one more piece to complete the set, then I just need the creche for it. I am thinking about asking for both of those for Christmas this year so that I can have it all completed.

Tree is up, but not fully decorated (please excuse the mess of video game crap underneath the television -_-)

Part of my snowman collection, I have a couple more I just haven't found them in my boxes of stuff yet.

Some of my other Willow Tree pieces that had to be rehomed because of my Christmas Village.. I figured i'd get a picture of them all while they were all together.

My small/beginner Christmas Village. Every piece here I got from either Goodwill or yard sales. In fact I believe I got two or three of the houses and all of the signs, people, bridge, gazebo from the same lady at a community yard sale over the summer, I think I only payed $5 for everything I got from her. The one piece doesn't match the others, but my village is so small still.. it's my "hodge podge village"! lol
Surprisingly.. the cats have NOT messed with it..  YET.. Ace layed on the snow before I put any of the houses up but that was it.
Lucy under the tree with my nativity set. This set is older than me, it survived 24 years of my existance and who knows how long before that and is still totally in one piece.. the ange is a bit wobbly at the top from years of being picked up adn put away, etc. but nothing some glue cant fix! I hope to have this for a very very long time, and maybe even pass down to my kids!
This is probably the only Santa that I own.. I have a thing for snowmen but not Santas, but I couldn't pass him up!

My plate from Yankee Candle. I love this plate I had to have it when I saw them putting it out at the store.

My new Goodwill find today.. again it doesn't match my village, in fact its not even Lemax but I loved that it says "candle shop" which fits right in with my candle addiction so I had to get it. and it was only $.99

Books that I picked up today at Goodwill $.99 a piece!

Two cutie pie ornaments (ok so this is the second santa.. I lied)

a book from my last goodwill trip.

Bird cage from Goodwill only $.99 ..  I am not positive what I want to do with this one yet.. Do I want to paint it or keep it this color..  I do think the little birdie inside on the swing is cute but Id like to be able to fill it with stuff, so i think I am going to try to take it off in a way that I can put it back on if I want it on.. I think this would be cute with some Christmas balls in it!

another house for my Bunny Village for Easter time!

Picture frame and an espresso sign for the kitchen
Kitty! $3 which was a bit much for me, but it's very unique, and even though i've never heard of the person who made it, it has Japanese writing on the bottom so I will have to look it up and find out more about it!
I debated this one for quite some time while I was in the store but eventually I gave in and she came home with me!

Precious Moments ornament I believe this was only $.99  which you can't beat for anything Precious Moments!! I have a collection of Precious moments figurines so this fits right in.

Yankee Candle tart burner for only $1.99... I like my electric ones and the ones with the removeable bowl but for $2 I couldn't pass it up, this will be perfect for the guest bathroom!

My mail freebies for the day!!!
I got my free scotch brite scrubber and a coupon with it (not the greatest coupon ever, but oh well.)
and two $10 off a purchase coupons for V.Secret. I plan on going tomorrow (or today, technically) to pick up the free pair of undies, so maybe I will pick up a few other things for myself.. or as Christmas presents.

Ok guys, I am signing off for now, Just wanted to give you all an update! :)

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

New stuff

I'm back with a random post! :) I have a bunch of pictures to upload from my camera and phone, I have just been procrastinating.
I have been taking pictures while out and about of things that I want to put on my "Christmas List" I have some of them uploaded, others are still in waiting.

To start you off.. Here's a picture of my incredibly silly, bad, and lazy boy - Ace.  He sits and sleeps in the weirdest positions. Everytime I look at him I am almost guaranteed a laugh. I couldn't help but take millions of pictures of him on the couch like this, and he was totally hammin' it up for me.

I just had my best friends bridal shower on the 5th. (I am the maid of honor). I hate looking at pictures of myself, I look so frumpy.. especially beside her!
Had to do some bathroom shots, haa. I just really liked this one.

A couple of my newest candle purchases.. Yes, I also have a wax addiction.. I just can't help myself. :(

I have a birdhouse addiction also. It's bad. I bought the house on the left, but I am going back for the one on the right.. I should've just got them both at the same time. Aren't they just adorable??!!

Found these at The Shoe Dept.. I think I want them for Christmas. I've been wanting cowboy boots.. and I gotta love my camo.. why not put them together?! lol
These are the comfiest shoes that I tried on, I want these for Christmas.. or an early Christmas present.

Bon-Ton snowman figurine find.. a bit more expensive (ok.. a lot) than I would pay since I usually buy this stuff at Goodwill.. but it's just so cute!!!

Every year I get a new bedding set for Christmas.. I have been wanting something plaid and was looking at ones online, but I came across this Rough Hewn set at Bon Ton on sale. It has that fuzzy red lining on the other side, it is so soft, and comfy, and would go perfectly with our bedroom set. I think this is going on my list for this year.