Thursday, November 17, 2011

New stuff

I'm back with a random post! :) I have a bunch of pictures to upload from my camera and phone, I have just been procrastinating.
I have been taking pictures while out and about of things that I want to put on my "Christmas List" I have some of them uploaded, others are still in waiting.

To start you off.. Here's a picture of my incredibly silly, bad, and lazy boy - Ace.  He sits and sleeps in the weirdest positions. Everytime I look at him I am almost guaranteed a laugh. I couldn't help but take millions of pictures of him on the couch like this, and he was totally hammin' it up for me.

I just had my best friends bridal shower on the 5th. (I am the maid of honor). I hate looking at pictures of myself, I look so frumpy.. especially beside her!
Had to do some bathroom shots, haa. I just really liked this one.

A couple of my newest candle purchases.. Yes, I also have a wax addiction.. I just can't help myself. :(

I have a birdhouse addiction also. It's bad. I bought the house on the left, but I am going back for the one on the right.. I should've just got them both at the same time. Aren't they just adorable??!!

Found these at The Shoe Dept.. I think I want them for Christmas. I've been wanting cowboy boots.. and I gotta love my camo.. why not put them together?! lol
These are the comfiest shoes that I tried on, I want these for Christmas.. or an early Christmas present.

Bon-Ton snowman figurine find.. a bit more expensive (ok.. a lot) than I would pay since I usually buy this stuff at Goodwill.. but it's just so cute!!!

Every year I get a new bedding set for Christmas.. I have been wanting something plaid and was looking at ones online, but I came across this Rough Hewn set at Bon Ton on sale. It has that fuzzy red lining on the other side, it is so soft, and comfy, and would go perfectly with our bedroom set. I think this is going on my list for this year.

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