Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CVS trip 4/27

So I know I could have done this all better and I had it worked out last night better than this but I forgot my paper at home.. plus I didn't get some of the things I went for..

I did get everything for $6.97 oop technically.. I should've used my gift card to cover this half but I used it to cover my other two transactions..


Blink $7.99 - $1.00 = $6.99 with $7.99ecb back
(2) Honest Tea $.99ea minus (2)$1/1 Qs = free

payed $6.97 oop and got back $7.99 ecbs


Oral B.. i got toothpaste and two manual toothbrushes
$3.50 + $3.49 +3.89
minus $3.49(bogo), $1/1, $2/2
= 4.39
+$5 ECBs

(now i had a TON of oral b Qs but I have no idea what happened to them.. I think i threw them in the recycling ) I have some left for the pulsar toothbrushes so i think i might use them since hubby likes those toothbrushes

(4) Honest Tea $.99 ea
- (2) BOGO
= $1.98

(2) Biore @7ea
= $14 - $7
= $7

now its saying my total was $4.73 after I used my $7.99ECB from the first transaction.. I think it should've been a little bit more? Not sure what happened there but I wont complain..

Trans #3

Since i needed ONE more dollar to go towards the biore deal.. (this is when i wish i had the extra Qs.. maybe it wouldnt be such an uneven amount!)
I went back and bought 2 more Biore, used BOGO and $6 in ECBs
made my total $1.06

I have $4.21 left on my gift card after today..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Walgreens trip 4/24 and some Easter around the house!

My Easter Walgreens trip that went wrong. I still only spent $3oop for everything, but I didn't get back my other $4rr because of the way the cashier rang it up after i told her in the beginning i was doing 3 seperate transactions. I plan on calling them back tomorrow morning and seeing if i can return them and re-do the transaction to get my RRs.. even though I used coupons on it it shows them on the receipt so i dont know why they couldnt just do a manual adjustment for them??

I took a few pictures of some easter stuff around the house... It's not everything thats up but I figured i'd just take a few.

centerpiece on the dining room table.. sorry for the mess in the background.. wasn't really planning on pictures tonight! lol

Entry table.. again.. the mess... I really need to clean!

Wreath.. I love this thing!

Hubbys easter basket =P
We don't have any kids.. just each other and pets so I always get him a basket.. This year i used all my extra bucks at CVS to buy most of his stuff aside from the hershey's bars, those were walmart and i realize now i could've got them at CVS also :head smack:
but i reuse the same basket and eggs and i have many other baskets that i can use to switch it up. I will never ever have to buy baskets again even when we do have kids! HA!

Now my project for myself is to decide what paint I want to use for some of my projects..

i have two shelves that I want to hang by the entry table .. i got them from goodwill (and i know i have pictures on here somewhere) but they are a darker wood color, however everything in that part of the house is black and i dont know if i want to spray paint them black to match or if i want to give them a coat of stain or something... I just dont know I am so undecided!!!!
If I paint them black I am afraid that when we move and i use them in a dfferent area.. am i still going to want them that black color???

Friday, April 22, 2011

A few shopping trips this week..

So i've made a few trips to various places this week. I got 2 more dozen eggs ($.98 a piece) and butter (needed it and had a coupon) at Shop & Save for a total of $3.45

(there was a CVS trip in between here but I can't find the receipt.. I think its in my wallet somewhere.)

Then on 4/20 I stopped at Walgreens and got:
(1) Renoylds wrap 1.69
(1) hair dye (which i am returning) 7.99
(1) plates 1.79
(1) cups 1.99

$3 off hair dye, which was marked down to $5.99
$2.00 off the plates and cups
$.80 off the foil
$.50 off the foil

total oop $7.80
saved $8.30

Not the greatest, but I plan on taking the hair dye back even if i will only get $2 something.. I can put it towards my purchase next week!

Now for todays trips 2 different CVS's and Walgreens

Trip #1

(2) floss - $2 minus (2) $1 coupons
Physicians Formula - $8.99 - 40% off = $5.39 minus $5 off coupon
(4) Orbit gum - $1.37 BOGO minus (2) $1 off coupons
(4) Tident gum - $1.29 BOGO minus (2) $1 off coupons
Skim milk - $3.38 ( i needed it!)

minus 20% total purchase email

Used $3 in ecbs

total oop = $2.71

Trip #2


(2) Foam Plates $.89ea
(3) Scotch tape $1.99 minus $1 off coupon (forgot my other coupon at home :( )
(2) Dove easter candies $.79ea minus $1/2 coupon

total oop = $3.58
Saved = $7.20

could've been $2.58 oop had i remembered that other coupon.. oh well!
i got another scratch off coupon too for $1 off a bag of easter candy..

Trip #3 - CVS

(2) John Freida hair products $5ea minus (2) $2 coupons
(2) hot wheels cars $.79 ea
(3) Butterfinger eggs $.50ea minus $1/2 coupon.. shouldve got 1 more egg and used another coupon.. didnt even think about it!
Jolly Rancher jelly beans $2.00

Used $10ecb

payed $.08 oop

got back $3ecb

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A few of my shopping trips..

I haven't been posting my trips in awhile since I haven't been taking pictures as soon as I get the things home. but I have done plenty of shopping trips.

I did the Airwick deal at CVS and spent $4oop and got back $10ecbs!

I got 2 Xtra laundry detergent and my free antibac soap for a total of FREE thanks to 2 coupons for the Xtra and the free sanitizer as well as a few ECBs.
I also got a pack of headband things for work for $4.99 - i used my $5 beauty bucks to pay for it.
2 Right Guard deodorants for $2.50 total.

My grocery shopping is what really killed me. I spent $78 at Giant Eagle for 30 items but I did use quite a few coupons and they were all doubled. so it could've been a lot more.

And I think my best deal of the week was my shop & save trip today after work.. I *wanted* to go to Giant Eagle, but their power got knocked out so I had to go to shop n save.. no biggie.. they were having a deal on eggs anyway!

I got 2 doz eggs, sour cream and a gallon of iced tea for $4.85 total. To me thats not bad since tea is usually in the $3 range and eggs are around $1.50 or so.. sometimes higher.

Everything was on sale, the eggs were already $.98 ea and I had that $.55 for 2 coupon that they doubled, the sour cream was on sale for $1.99, which wasnt the cheapest out of all of the stores, but nothing else was open due to power outages, and thats still not a terrible price! (i saved $.40 on it from s&s's original price) and the tea I only payed $2 for.
so overall not a bad trip IMO

(I know I am missing a couple CVS receipts.. I know I bought more than this!)

I just wanted to make a little update post on some of my trips even if its not as exciting without pictures! :( I will get more pictures next time!!

I am also down to my last $30 of my budget for this month already and its only the 16th. yikes!
So I made a mini-menu plan that will hopefully reduce the need for me to buy anything else aside from milk, eggs, bread and cheese. I am really hoping to do better for the month of May. It wont kill us to go over our budget as I was spending WAAAAAYYYYYYY more than I am now, but I need to get it under control,a nd it will really help us pay down our other bills faster if I can save us more money.. Id love to be able to get myself to a lower budget eventually.. I just need to get better at the grocery shopping aspect.. i suck at it and can never get enough coupons!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CVS/Target/Walgreens 4/4 & 4/5

(The palmolive was a purchase from a previous CVS trip it just made its way into my walgreens picture somehow.)

So this week wasn't as good to me as the last trips that I made (IMO). I decided to try Walgreens for the first time on Monday and was very disappointed. First of all the one manager who was out on the floor kept following me and asking if I needed help and hawk-eyeing me like I was going to steal something. Listen buddy, just because I have a book full of coupons doesn't mean i'm going to be stealing stuff.. I just want to get some good deals, now leave me alone to shop in peace! >.<

I know that I could've worked this all out better to get myself a better deal but I guess I was intimidated? I also needed bread milk and cheese and instead of just going to Walmart I picked them up here which I knew was a big mistake but I just didn't want to trek to Walmart and through the hoards of people when I was already somewhere that carried it.

Transaction #1

(2) Aussie 2/$7
(1) Colgate toothpaste $2.99
(1) Fantastk $2.49
(3) Dawn $.99ea

$1.00, $.75, $1.00, $3.50, $.25

Total after tax: $11.70
got back $5 in RR

Transaction #2:

Bread $2.19
Cheese $2.99
Milk $3.49
(4) hot wheels cars 2/$1.50
(2) Tylenol PM.. I was only going to get 1 but she said they were BOGO (store brand) so I ran back to get another.. now that i am looking at my receipt it looks like it was only 50% off and not free..

Used my $5RR
Total: $20.32

I guess its not TERRIBLE but I just feel ... ripped off? I dont know.. I just didn't have that good feeling as I was walking out of the store.. I dont think Im going to be going back there unless there is a VERY good deal going on.. and I know the second transaction wasn't a good one because of the food that I bought.. but I guess the first one wasn't too bad for it being my first trip into Walgreens and all!

Rite Aid (no picture)

(4) Boxes of Special K cereal
Regular price = $4.79 ea
on sale - 2/$5
Used - (2) $1/2 boxes

Total for all 4 = $8.00

CVS trip 4/5

I took back my receipt for the toothbrushes and was prepared to return them if need be but she asked me if i wanted 2 $.99 ecbs or just 1 $2.00
And I did return the one mouth wash because it didnt trigger the ECBs and i dont really need it and I got back $3.70 from that.

I totalled $41.66 OOP.. I could've done all of this SO much differently and I wish I could take everything back and start over at my one store with the really nice old lady because I KNOW I could've saved a bunch more and done different things here.

Trans #1:
(3) pringles 3/$4
used: $1/3
(3) Special K cereal $3/10
used: $2/3
Received: $4 ECB
(2) Kellogs cereal
used: $1/2 kellogs

total coupons: $4
8 Items

Total : $15.00

ECBs Received: $4

This was my biggest transaction but for getting 5 boxes of cereal .. and that brand of cereal plus 3 cans of pringles I think thats a pretty darn good deal!!
AND I have 1 more $2/3 .. id like to get some more coupons to use towards it since I can get the $4 ecb back 4 more times!

Trans #2

(3) Soft Soap 3/$9
Used: (2) $1/1
Received $3ECB

(1) Crest Pro Health Mouth Wash $3.49
Used: $1/1
Received: $2.50 ECB

(2) Oral-B toothbrushes $2.99ea
used: BOGO Q

***Noticed after I got home that I never DID receive my $1.98 in ECBs that I should've got back from this... I am going to go back with my receipt and items and either just get my money back or get my $1.98 in ECBs!!
***I also noticed that the girl at the first store read the coupon wrong.. or she actually didn't read the WHOLE coupon because she said I couldn't use the $2/1 with it even though I know that she COULD so when I went to my other store I asked the lady about it and she gave me $2 towards my next purchase.. I have another $2 Q towards the toothbrush that I didn't give the second lady because I didnt even think about it I should take it in also and use it!

4 coupons: $5.99

6 Items totalling: $13.05

ECBs Received: $5.50.. should be more than that with the Oral B!

Trans #3

(2) John Frieda shampoos $5ea = $10
Used: 2/$2
ECBs Received: $3

(1) Gold Bond body wash = $5.88
Used: $2/1
Received: $3 ECB

coupons used $6
ECBs used $4
Total: 6.24

second store...

Trans #1

(2) Right Guard BW @ $3.88 ea
(2) Right Guard Deodorant @ $4.39 ea
used: (2) BOGO, $2 from the toothbrush coupon the other lady didnt take off
Used: (2) $3 in ECB

4 Items total: $.29 oop!

Received $3 in ECB!!

Trans #2

(3) Pringles - 3/$4
used $1/3
(2) Wisk - $8.99 / BOGO
Used: 2/$1
(1) Crest Pro Health Toothpaste @ 3.49
(1) Crest PH Mouth wash @ 3.49

(1) Green bag tag.. finally.. i would have 3 scans already if i wouldve bought it in the first place!!

Coupons totaling $5
used ECBs: $3, $2.50 and $3

8 Items
Total $7.08
only got back one $2.50 ECB.. I didnt realize my limit was up on the crest stuff so I am going to take back the mouthwash. I have enough and dont use them often enough.. I can put that money towards something else!!

I got my rainchecks for the Gum flossers also since both of my stores were completely out.
I also want to go back and get the Doritos deal.. maybe after work on Friday, and i'll take in that $2 off toothbrush coupon that I have and didn't use to see if I can get the $2 back and use it towards the doritos!

Target trip 4/5
First of all, I went to get the Purex, check for Purina One Beyond and the Old Spice.. I had head of people using the BOGOs on the 2packs that they had. The registers at my store would not let me do it so I put them back :(

(2) Purex Crystals @ $2.99
Used - (2) $1/1 & (2) $2/1
total = FREE'
I wanted to get more, but I really want to see if i can find the Orange bottle and smell it, I am going to check Kmart, if I can't find them then I will just go back to Target and get more of the purple ones!

Lightbulbs for the light outside - $2.29 (no coupon :( )

Expandible coupon file - $2.29
I went to walmart and found another one that I liked more but this one will do just fine for now.

I just realized that she did take off my $1.50 Q for the lightbulbs even though at first it wouldn't let her take it, it looks like it came off of the coupon file! LOL .. Hey, I wont complain!!

Total with tax: $6.48 (forgot my reuseable bag.. again! UGH)
saved: $7.50

not too bad!

Spent $2.11 (had a $5 off $5 or more coupon) at Petsmart
Spent $30.16 at Walmart

I guess its not TOO bad considering everything that I got this week.. I know that I could've done things differently and really wish that I would have, but its just more incentive to take more time to plan things out before I get to the store, and then get to the counter.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Second CVS trip and a Rite Aid stop

*note cat butt in background*
I took 10 pictures (no joke) with her standing right in front or moving around while I was trying to take them. This was the only one I had where she wasn't right in front or blocking half of the stuff!

I looked for clean & clear but this location doesnt carry the body wash. I considered using it on face care but I am going to see what my other store has tomorrow.. Now onto the goodies!

Transaction #1
Scrubbing Bubbles $3

$4 in ECB (I needed 1 more thing to finish this up to get my ECBs)

total: $3.18 after tax
ECB: $4

Transaction #2

(2) Palmolive dishsoap $.88 ea
(5) Pepsi products $.88 ea (this store actually had different ones on sale not just mtdew and pepsi!)
(2) NM fish oil $9.99 ea b1g1 (saved 9.99)
(1) CVS daily moisturize wash $1.75 75%off (saved 4.24)
(1) CVS body wash $2.15 75% off (saved 6.34)

Coupons used:
(3)Nature Made coupons from All You and print outs: $4.00, $3.00 and $1.00
(1) ECB: $4.00
(1) ECb: $1.00

11 items
Total after tax: $7.51!!!
Saved today: $40.70

I am so thrilled with that one.. I wasnt going to use my $1 on this one but I figured why not.. might as well! She also let me use 3 coupons on the vitamins, I had a bunch more coupons for them I should've tried to use as many as I possibly could but I already handed her all of my coupons and didn't want to dig.

I am going to go to my other CVS tomorrow, where I made my original purchases and get some of the clean & clear body wash since I have a bunch of coupons for that and some more 2 liters.

Rite Aid

I wanted to get the finish tabs since they are 50% off, but I forgot all my coupons at home :( BOOOO the sale is until tomorrow so I have all my coupons with me and plan on stopping at the other one beside my house and picking up at least one box.

(1) Jane foundation $1.04 75% off saved $3.15
(1) Easter bunny ears $2.24 saved $.75
(2) Xtra Laundry Detergent $1.99 ea saved $3

4 items
total: 7.70
saved: 6.90

Would've been better had I not bought the bunny ears, but I really liked them, and I need them for work.
The laundry detergent was a decent buy plus I needed more. and the Jane products were all 75% off, and totally picked over, this was the only thing there that was my shade and something that I needed anyway!
I need to go back tomorrow to use my coupons on the Finish dishwashing tabs, they're $6.49 and 50% off and I have a couple coupons.
I wasn't very impressed with Rite Aid, I think I am preferring CVS over RA, but I guess it all depends on the sales! I did like finding the foundation 75% off though!!