Saturday, April 16, 2011

A few of my shopping trips..

I haven't been posting my trips in awhile since I haven't been taking pictures as soon as I get the things home. but I have done plenty of shopping trips.

I did the Airwick deal at CVS and spent $4oop and got back $10ecbs!

I got 2 Xtra laundry detergent and my free antibac soap for a total of FREE thanks to 2 coupons for the Xtra and the free sanitizer as well as a few ECBs.
I also got a pack of headband things for work for $4.99 - i used my $5 beauty bucks to pay for it.
2 Right Guard deodorants for $2.50 total.

My grocery shopping is what really killed me. I spent $78 at Giant Eagle for 30 items but I did use quite a few coupons and they were all doubled. so it could've been a lot more.

And I think my best deal of the week was my shop & save trip today after work.. I *wanted* to go to Giant Eagle, but their power got knocked out so I had to go to shop n save.. no biggie.. they were having a deal on eggs anyway!

I got 2 doz eggs, sour cream and a gallon of iced tea for $4.85 total. To me thats not bad since tea is usually in the $3 range and eggs are around $1.50 or so.. sometimes higher.

Everything was on sale, the eggs were already $.98 ea and I had that $.55 for 2 coupon that they doubled, the sour cream was on sale for $1.99, which wasnt the cheapest out of all of the stores, but nothing else was open due to power outages, and thats still not a terrible price! (i saved $.40 on it from s&s's original price) and the tea I only payed $2 for.
so overall not a bad trip IMO

(I know I am missing a couple CVS receipts.. I know I bought more than this!)

I just wanted to make a little update post on some of my trips even if its not as exciting without pictures! :( I will get more pictures next time!!

I am also down to my last $30 of my budget for this month already and its only the 16th. yikes!
So I made a mini-menu plan that will hopefully reduce the need for me to buy anything else aside from milk, eggs, bread and cheese. I am really hoping to do better for the month of May. It wont kill us to go over our budget as I was spending WAAAAAYYYYYYY more than I am now, but I need to get it under control,a nd it will really help us pay down our other bills faster if I can save us more money.. Id love to be able to get myself to a lower budget eventually.. I just need to get better at the grocery shopping aspect.. i suck at it and can never get enough coupons!!

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