Thursday, December 22, 2011

Suprise package, shopping & random pictures

Hello Bloggers! :)

My mom has been bugging me for the last two days asking me if I got a box yet that UPS was supposed to be delivering. Now keep in mind.. my mom is new to the internet scene and doesn't really like ordering from the internet so I had no idea what she was going to be sending to me. I went out to get the mail and saw a box next to our side door. I grabbed it and ran inside, I could not wait to see what it was.. and it was light too.. I had NO idea what it was..

One of the final pieces I needed for my Willow Tree nativity!!!! =O  I was so shocked, She was going to buy it for me while we were at the mall the other week but I told her no, buy it for me for my birthday so then I could put it out for Christmas instead of getting it for Christmas and having to pack it away already. Now all I need is the creche and my nativity will be complete!!

Playing with the settings on my camera.. a shot of the tree and some presents! :)

Ace says RAWR!

Lucy showing off her massive eye globes.

Trying to be "artsy" with my picture taking =P

My pretty girl <3

Action shot!

Sun bathing

I also got lots of goodies in my mailbox the other day! The lipgloss and Pink doggy are from ebay and the tarts are from Scar Borough Lane.  So far I only got to try the Zucchini Bread but it's AMAZING. I can't wait to melt the others!!

My Bath & Body Works haul from the other day. I got some more body washes for my mom but she took them already.

I also got a couple more candles today and some Wall flowers from B&BW. I have a problem -.-
I got some lotions from TJ Maxx while we were in DC. One is from Pure & Basic it's Creme Brulee and it smells like heaven. I got a banana one also in the body wash, the creme brulee is just heavenly though. I checked my store here at home and they don't have them, and I can't find it online :( I want more!!!

In other news.... I have a super busy next two weeks ahead of me, Friday I have to go for my dress fitting/alterations for my friends wedding. Then hubby and I are going to go laptop/tablet shopping. I haven't been able to tell him a gift that I wanted for Christmas and a laptop is the only thing that I can think of, so he said we'll go together on Friday and pick something out. I am so excited!! Then we are going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I went two years ago and am excited to see the new violinist. The last one was amazing and she had a pink see through violin. I would marry her instantly =P Then we plan on going to the Hofbrauhous to eat afterwards. Then of course the Christmas weekend festivities and going to 9230672390627 (almost quite literally) families. Then after that my friends wedding is on the 31st, the rehersal stuff is the 30th. I've never done any of this wedding stuff before. I am more comfortable at funerals and thats sad. We plan on getting some OJ and vodka and having some at 10am when we are getting our hair done and saying its just our breakfast. I am excited but super nervous at the same time.

Ok, enough boring details about my life for now. Hope everyone has a great, happy and safe Christmas weekend!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some of my shopping trip...

So I went out today to get some Christmas gifts, and groceries.. and got myself a few things =P

Went to TJ Maxx.. I tried on 93406729062 pants and only found two that I liked, it was between this pair and a black pair but this pair was cheaper so I took these.. and I did need a new bra, it is going to be a Christmas present I am going to give hubby to wrap up for me LOL

My present to my mom. I was going to get her the big 3.5oz spray but I got her the gift set instead. I like that she can take the roller ball with her in her purse, and this will still last her a long time.. AND I got a good deal on it!! The roller ball alone is typically $20!

Cute picture I took of my boys sleeping together. Shhhhhhhhh =P

Victoria secret.. I was only going to get one lotion with my coupon but I decided to just get the three.

BBW. I forgot to use my free item coupon, but I did use my $10 off $30 so I dont think I could've used it anyway. But $25 for 3 candles and a pink mini spray is pretty awesome if you ask me.
The tangerine cake smells AMAZING cold.. I have the Pistachio one burning now and I must say that it was my least favorite of the three on cold sniff, but now that it is burning I think that it's SOOO good!!

My store had the Mahogany Teakwood candle, but not the other new "manly" scented one. I DO like MT but I decided to pass on it for right now because I wanted to try these three before they take them away. I definatly want to get more of the pistachio. I can't wait to burn the other two.

I also made a trip to Goodwill the other day and spent $10.. I got 3 shirts, 3 stuffed animals (a nemo, patrick and odie.. the nemo will be for my friends baby when she pops it out and the other two are for me because I am a big kid =P), another tall, cute, snowman (because I REALLY needed a new one -_-) and I think that was it (I didnt get any pictures of this one)

In other news..

We are going to D.C. this weekend.. well actually to Rockville, MD for hubbys interview on Saturday but we will be going to DC to do some shopping/museums/see his Grandpap, etc. while we are down in that area. I really can't wait even if it is just for the weekend. I need to dig out hubby's suit and good shirt and go get them dry cleaned tomorrow (mental note to self).
I am going shopping with my mom on Wednesday to get some Christmas presents. I only work 2 days this week, I worked a few hours on Sunday and I work Tuesday but I am off the whole rest of the week. I needed to take vacation time before the end of the year. It's SO nice getting stuff done. I did 4 loads of laundry.. and actually put them ALL away (which is a BIG thing for me.. I love DOING the laundry, I just haaaaate putting it away.) I also cleaned our bathroom (go me!)
I just need to do some more random cleaning and work on other little tasks I gave myself. I really needed this time off work to catch up.

Ok blog world, I am off to get some sleep!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I am an addict...

So I admit.. I have a candle addiction. I decided to take some pictures of my stash tonight since I am sick and don't feel like doing anything else.
This is also not including my large collection of tarts >.<
I also have a large collection of Bath and Body works lotions, sprays and body washes.. I just can't help myself, I am addicted!

First.. my Slatkin mini's. I wish they wouldn;t have stopped selling them. These are perfect for my bathroom! Some even are great for my kitchen/dining room!

Slatkin 4.5 oz.

Slatkin 14.5 oz.
Random candles from random vendors and stores.

My yankees.. I had a better picture but I chose the one with Ace in it since he just had to ham it up for the camera.

Hope you enjoyed my collection =P

What all types of things do you collect???

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Tree, cats, and thrifting

Hello blog world! I went a little snap happy with the camera today and was playing with some different settings.. i took WAY more pictures than this, but I don't want to bore everyone.

First.. I grabbed the camera to take pictures of my lazy-bum-cutie-pie Ace. I heard rustling like he was chewing on my wreath, but I walk in to see him all curled up in it. What a doll.

I got this little bird from Kmart.. totally not at all planned, I only wanted to get ribbon but I saw him laying on his side all alone on an empty rack in an aisle. I snatched him up, now he is all warm and cozy and loved in my home <3

I grabbed two (thats all that was left) of those keys at walmart for $.97 a piece. I know I could get them cheaper after christmas, but I didn't want to risk it, plus I can use them for many many many things.

Two belts that I got from Goodwill for $1 each. Its not the best picture I could get of them, but I seem to go through belts like crazy so I had to have these.  I actually only spent a total of $9 at Goodwill for these two belts, a table runner (pictured below), two shirts, two jars, and two towels. I was a happy camper!!

The table runner.. again, not the best picture, but it looks like the runner I almost bought from Ross a few months back. Can't beat $1!

Here's some shots of the Christmas tree:

I took 23096729062 pictures of Lucy in front of the tree before she eventually got mad (and i captured an evil stink-eye picture) and ran off.

Black & White.. I really actually want to frame this.. i just wish I would've picked up the balls I knocked off from putting the ribbon up before I took pictures -_-

Sepia.. Blurry but I like it.

I forget which mode this one was, but this was the "evil stink-eye" picture before she stormed off. I guess I should just be glad she sat still for a good 5 minutes dealing with my crazy flashes.

That's all for now!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

Hello everyone out there in blog world!! Hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
I am slowly getting my Christmas decor up and wanted to do a post with some pictures from around the house and some recent Goodwill finds! Onto the good stuff! ;-P

My Willow Tree nativity this year is on top of my bookshelf in the living room.. I only need one more piece to complete the set, then I just need the creche for it. I am thinking about asking for both of those for Christmas this year so that I can have it all completed.

Tree is up, but not fully decorated (please excuse the mess of video game crap underneath the television -_-)

Part of my snowman collection, I have a couple more I just haven't found them in my boxes of stuff yet.

Some of my other Willow Tree pieces that had to be rehomed because of my Christmas Village.. I figured i'd get a picture of them all while they were all together.

My small/beginner Christmas Village. Every piece here I got from either Goodwill or yard sales. In fact I believe I got two or three of the houses and all of the signs, people, bridge, gazebo from the same lady at a community yard sale over the summer, I think I only payed $5 for everything I got from her. The one piece doesn't match the others, but my village is so small still.. it's my "hodge podge village"! lol
Surprisingly.. the cats have NOT messed with it..  YET.. Ace layed on the snow before I put any of the houses up but that was it.
Lucy under the tree with my nativity set. This set is older than me, it survived 24 years of my existance and who knows how long before that and is still totally in one piece.. the ange is a bit wobbly at the top from years of being picked up adn put away, etc. but nothing some glue cant fix! I hope to have this for a very very long time, and maybe even pass down to my kids!
This is probably the only Santa that I own.. I have a thing for snowmen but not Santas, but I couldn't pass him up!

My plate from Yankee Candle. I love this plate I had to have it when I saw them putting it out at the store.

My new Goodwill find today.. again it doesn't match my village, in fact its not even Lemax but I loved that it says "candle shop" which fits right in with my candle addiction so I had to get it. and it was only $.99

Books that I picked up today at Goodwill $.99 a piece!

Two cutie pie ornaments (ok so this is the second santa.. I lied)

a book from my last goodwill trip.

Bird cage from Goodwill only $.99 ..  I am not positive what I want to do with this one yet.. Do I want to paint it or keep it this color..  I do think the little birdie inside on the swing is cute but Id like to be able to fill it with stuff, so i think I am going to try to take it off in a way that I can put it back on if I want it on.. I think this would be cute with some Christmas balls in it!

another house for my Bunny Village for Easter time!

Picture frame and an espresso sign for the kitchen
Kitty! $3 which was a bit much for me, but it's very unique, and even though i've never heard of the person who made it, it has Japanese writing on the bottom so I will have to look it up and find out more about it!
I debated this one for quite some time while I was in the store but eventually I gave in and she came home with me!

Precious Moments ornament I believe this was only $.99  which you can't beat for anything Precious Moments!! I have a collection of Precious moments figurines so this fits right in.

Yankee Candle tart burner for only $1.99... I like my electric ones and the ones with the removeable bowl but for $2 I couldn't pass it up, this will be perfect for the guest bathroom!

My mail freebies for the day!!!
I got my free scotch brite scrubber and a coupon with it (not the greatest coupon ever, but oh well.)
and two $10 off a purchase coupons for V.Secret. I plan on going tomorrow (or today, technically) to pick up the free pair of undies, so maybe I will pick up a few other things for myself.. or as Christmas presents.

Ok guys, I am signing off for now, Just wanted to give you all an update! :)

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