Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Tree, cats, and thrifting

Hello blog world! I went a little snap happy with the camera today and was playing with some different settings.. i took WAY more pictures than this, but I don't want to bore everyone.

First.. I grabbed the camera to take pictures of my lazy-bum-cutie-pie Ace. I heard rustling like he was chewing on my wreath, but I walk in to see him all curled up in it. What a doll.

I got this little bird from Kmart.. totally not at all planned, I only wanted to get ribbon but I saw him laying on his side all alone on an empty rack in an aisle. I snatched him up, now he is all warm and cozy and loved in my home <3

I grabbed two (thats all that was left) of those keys at walmart for $.97 a piece. I know I could get them cheaper after christmas, but I didn't want to risk it, plus I can use them for many many many things.

Two belts that I got from Goodwill for $1 each. Its not the best picture I could get of them, but I seem to go through belts like crazy so I had to have these.  I actually only spent a total of $9 at Goodwill for these two belts, a table runner (pictured below), two shirts, two jars, and two towels. I was a happy camper!!

The table runner.. again, not the best picture, but it looks like the runner I almost bought from Ross a few months back. Can't beat $1!

Here's some shots of the Christmas tree:

I took 23096729062 pictures of Lucy in front of the tree before she eventually got mad (and i captured an evil stink-eye picture) and ran off.

Black & White.. I really actually want to frame this.. i just wish I would've picked up the balls I knocked off from putting the ribbon up before I took pictures -_-

Sepia.. Blurry but I like it.

I forget which mode this one was, but this was the "evil stink-eye" picture before she stormed off. I guess I should just be glad she sat still for a good 5 minutes dealing with my crazy flashes.

That's all for now!