Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Decorating!

I love decorating for fall and halloween, but for some reason I didn't go all out this year. I have little bits here and there and I wanted to take some pictures and share! (HA that rhymed!) I finally bought those silhouettes too, I want to go back and get the crows and the other ones that they have)

Enjoy! and tell me what you think! :) :)

My silhouettes! I love them so much, I cant wait to go back and get the crows to put on top of my mirrors and pictures.

Wicked sign that I bought at Ross for $3! I thought it was cute.

cute little halloween rug going into the bathroom.

I bought this a year or two ago we actually keep it up all year-round. Hubby loves it.

EEK! More rats!

The buffet decorated for fall/halloween.

Entrance table. House is from Ross everything else is from Goodwill.

Front Door decorated.

Close up of the birdcage

Close up of the top of my bookshelf.

Cat my mom got me at a craft store. This sucker was almost $40, I never would've paid that much for it but my mom got it for me because we have a black kitty! :)

little table full view.. I need somewhere else to put that ladder since the cat is in its normal place.

full book case view.

Light up house my mom gave me when I moved out. (and the shadow box on the left that I made. Hubby made me that heart out of metal he welded together)

Guest bathroom.. I got this set from the LTD catalog last year. I love it. (please ignore the cat litter box =X

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