Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Snowman Obsession... And some thrifty shopping!

Hi, my name is Kristin and I have a problem.. I am obsessed with snowmen!

I don't have TONS as I have used what little will power that I have to sometimes put them down when I am shopping, but I do have a bunch, I just think that snowmen are so cute, peaceful and pretty! PLUS! you can leave them up in January, after all the christmas decorations are down and the house looks all naked.. I have no inspiration for the month of January, so I usually leave up snowmen unless they are very christmas-y and decorate with whites and golds.

I took a couple pictures of some snowmen that I have to share my obsession with someone other than myself, hubby and demon-kitty.. and I also took another trip to Goodwill today, so I have some pictures of my finds at the end!

let it begin!

This came from my mom, she didnt put it out anymore so I took it. Its very heavy, and pretty tall... I think the little family carolling it just adorable!

I got this when I worked at Bon-Ton, they have their yearly "collectible" things, they had this and a reindeer but the snowman was cuter, this year i think they have this and santa, but neither are really that cute. I think I got this for a dollar with my discount and on sale, I got one for my mom too.

I think this little guy is adorable, PLUS he has a birdhouse! my second favorite obsession! Hes very glazed/glossy and just so cute!
I have no idea where I got this guy from.

new goodwill purchase (posted below)
Another Goodwill purchase that I can leave up through Jan.
Goodwill... supposed to be a candle holder, but I think he;s cute just standing alone
sleigh.. I dont have this out because I couldnt find anywhere for it.

bottle from goodwill.
pinecone snowman, got this at goodwill although im sure i couldve made it myself.

Goodwill Finds

I saw this cute little tumbler glass only .25 cents, its heavy glass too, very nice.

Plastic mixing bowl.. I have a BIG one and while I have two big stainless mixing bowls now, I like my white one sometimes too, but I haven't had anything smaller, just for little things, and this thing was basically glowing and jumping out at me. It was only $.49 and it's nice and small. I KNEW it was meant to be!
CSI Board game... It was only $1. I was going to get Fact or Crap too but I didnt know how much the games were, and this one is 2-4 player, we need more games that are just 2 player, plus I love CSI related stuff and this seemed interesting, and for a buck, if its horrible, ill send it back!

little wooden apple basket. It's going to go on my corner cabinet, I wasn't going to get it at first but I kept thinking about it while I was walking through the store so I ended up getting it.

Again with the snowmen.. I saw him sitting in a cart of stuff they just brought out from the back room and HAD to have him. He has paint chipped off the tip of his nose, but really WHO CARES! he's the perfect size, shimmery and just CUTE! He was only $.49 so that helped coax him into my cart too. =D

Little turkey figurine... only $.49 too. He's perfect, not a scratch on him and cute as can be (at least I think so!)

I found another Lemax village piece... $.99! (gah .. excuse the free cat food coupon underneath, I needed half-decent lighting)

Haverford Lighthouse.. It is a Lemax piece, I have no idea what collection it belongs to but seriously.. for THAT price I wasnt going to let it pass. Little wicker basket for $.49, I have no idea what I am going to put in it but it's a nice size and cute and cheap.. maybe the bathroom.. or even a closet or something... I dont know yet.

This little washboard thing.... I want to put it in my laundry room, I almost didn't get it since it was $.99 but I thought it was cute and Im sure I could've found one cheaper at a yard sale eventually, but really for a buck, who cares.

This cute little tree for a dollar.. I plan on putting it... somewhere... probably our bathroom and I will decorate it for every holiday since its white itll go with anything! It has 4 or 5 little ornaments on it already, one fell off and broke into a million little pieces and these suckers are tiny so they must be super fragile, but they'll be coming off anyway... I plan on buying some little decorations from target and/or walmart after christmas to decorate this with.

Ok, is this guy not adorablee??? I found him at Ross for $4, I didn't pick him up but I can't stop thinking about him, and where I would put him if I got him. He's just too cute!


  1. Great GW finds.

    I love your snowman collection.

  2. I love your snowman collection ... I decorated one of my trees with snowmen that I've collected throughout the years. Great GW finds, too!

  3. I love snowmen too! I actually have a tree downstairs that is all snowmen, with others sitting all around the room as well! Unfortunately, I did not put it up this year but your photos made me want to!

  4. Those snowmen are so cute. I like the ones with muff and the pinecone. Lucky you with thrifting - I went to GW today and picked up some snowman goodies myself (which will be on an upcoming post) ;).

  5. I love snowmen too. I love your bottle and the wall art!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites! Hope you'll link up again next week. Also, please stop by this Thursday for my Christmas Recipe Party!

  6. You have a great snowman collection and I love the little white tree! Thanks for linking to my party.

  7. Hello! Love your post, love your tree...Love that TURKEY!!! Thank you for linking up and Grabbin that button! Big HUGS!


  8. Those are some nice snowmen. I am drawn to them too when I see them in stores and I pick them up and put them back. I think I only have a couple. Thanks for joining the party.

  9. see- I said you and I have similar tastes!

    (including the free cat food!)

  10. Me too! I am absolutely obssessed with snowmen! With the holidays approaching, I have to talk myself out of buying them and have learned how to put them down & just walk away and not look back - but it's hard!!