Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top 2 Favorite Christmas Memories

Top 2 Favorite Christmas Memories...

#1. Christmas morning (and christmas eve!)
Growing up my dad would follow me EVERYwhere with the video camera. We have everything ive ever done recorded, especially Christmas. I loved going to both grandmas for Christmas Eve, especially the one, she would get us 4 grandkids TONS of stuff. and I mean a tupperware tote full of stuff for each of us, plus some extra little things. I loved it. I hated being recorded though.
and Christmas morning.. coming downstairs to the tree, dad would be playing christmas music, opening the presents and rolling around in the strewn about wrapping paper.
Ahh to have those simple days back.

#2. Decorating the Tree (and the house!)
Ever since I could remember I have always helped to decorate the tree and I have always loved it. I love singing christmas songs, putting the lights on the tree, hanging the ornaments! We always had real trees for many years when i was a young girl, so I remember always getting hurt by the branches when I would put the ornaments on and I HATED that but I still did it anyway I just tried to look for ways to not get hurt! We eventually switched to fake trees and while I love the smell of real trees I will probably never go back... maybe when we have a kid, but who knows!
Now that I am on my own, I love and look forward to putting up the tree, decorating it and decorating the house. I wish more people would get to see it in person.. but I guess that's what I have a blog for, right?!


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  4. Your Dad sounds like he would be a hoot to be around...lots of fun growing up. I've just joined as a follower. thanks for doing the same for me on your recent visit and come back soon. Happy Holidays.

  5. Those are great memories! I hope you create more great new memories this year and have a wonderful Christmas! Merry Christmas...

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