Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010!


Hello everyone!

I can’t believe this year is already over, it feels like I just decorated for Christmas last week!

I’ve never been one to make resolutions or be excited about the New Year.. to me nothing changes just because the ball drops and we have to spend a month or two getting used to writing a new date.

This year though I am making some resolutions.. simple ones, but resolutions none-the-less.

I want to dwindle my to-be-read pile down on my book shelf. I have TONS of books left to read and want to have that cut down greatly by the time book sale season comes back around so that I wont feel so bad about buying tons of books again!

I want to cook more. I do like cooking and baking, but I don’t do it enough. I want to try out new recipes and start making GOOD food instead of occasional good food and lots of fast food.

Pay down our credit cards! We were doing so good up until we moved out of our apartment and our landlord screwed us all up and since then we haven’t payed anything off like we used to. So I’d like to work with the hubby and put more money towards those, and also work at saving more money too!

I did some Goodwill and Target shopping the other day and came home with a few finds I’ll share with you! Smile

Goodwill snowman only $.49



Picture frame – $.50.. It has a small scratch up at the top, but I can fix that, or hide it..


Basket for easter.. I loved it, the shape, colors and bow! so cute!

and LucyFurr checking it out.. probably contemplating whether her big butt would fit in it or not.


My new stocking! I saw it before Christmas but was NOT going to spend $10 for it. It’s so soooofffftttt and I love it. it was half off so I had to have it before it was sold out, I know if I returned later for it when it would be 75% then there wouldn’t be anymore and I’d be upset.


Cardinal clip ornament. I might keep him up all year in my one little birdhouse, I think he’s too cute!


I have no idea why I got this, I don’t need anymore pillows but it was $6 and super soft. It just suckered me in.


Goodwill ornaments. I can put them on my little teeny white tree next year.


Mug – $.25 I plan on putting this in a little bag and giving it to hubby for valentines day.


Easter light up house.. Couldn’t pass it up for less than a dollar! I love the colors of it!


little strand of lights for my little white tree. I didn’t agree with the price but they were there, and they worked, so I just grabbed them. Plus they are small enough to fit on the tree!


Present for the Hubs. He loves drinking from mason jars, and I found a smaller one a month or so ago and he loved it. I found this one which is like twice its size so I had to grab it!


I also got 5 books

The Red Tent – Anita Diamant

Tales of a Drama Queen – Lee Nichols

My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding – Multiple authors

Ice Queen – Alice Hoffman

Dewey: the library cat .. which ive been looking for FOREVER and finally got it. I am SO happy about that one!

I have been seeing Valentines stuff up in stores already, and a few blogs with Valentines posts and was just wondering… When does everyone take their christmas stuff down? I wasn’t planning on doing mine until next week since the Christmas season isnt over until the 6th or 7th (I cant remember now the exact date).

And after you have your christmas stuff down, what do you put up? I usually leave my silver stuff and snowmen that aren’t too christmas-y up.

When do you start decorating for Valentines day?

I will miss my christmas stuff, especially since it feels like I just put it up. But for once in my life I am actually ready to take it down. I am excited to start decorating for Valentines day too!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!!


  1. Love your great finds! That cardinal is so cute. When I went to Target I didn't see any of those left! Snowman snow globe is also very sweet. I found that book Dewy the library cat and can't wait to read it. Your 'list' sounds a lot like mine, read, clean and organize.

    I take down decorations starting Jan 1st but it takes me awhile as I don't push myself, I also enjoy celebrating the 12 days of Christmas! Then I leave out snowmen and winter items until February and then I do Valentine's. It's fun to decorate seasonally! Thanks so much for joining JFF!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Lovin' your first pic, seems like that's how quickly the year goes! Happy New Year:@)

  3. I have never seen a mason jar with a handle, that is awesome!

    BTW, the rolling laundry cart was online from the container store. It's the skinniest one I was able to find and is really sturdy... I've been happy with it!

  4. Great finds. I am justifying not shopping since my van is totally unreliable and I don't want to be stuck on the side of any road for even a half hour in the cold. (winter wimp) I say I am behaving and waiting for spring sale season.
    Since I did not decorate this year I don't have to figure out when is enough, but now I am tempted to get the snowmen out for a couple months. No V day until Feb. for me.
    Somehow over the summer I collected 8 of the mason jar glasses, plus 2 tiny ones I'll use for candle holders or flowers. There is something about them, isn't there.
    Happy you found Dewey, even though it has its sad moments.
    You and I seem to like many of the same things.

  5. Those are some great finds. Thank you for linking up with Ring in 2011 blog hop, I am now following you.

  6. Hi! I'm your newest follower. I would love it if you would follow back at one or all four of my blogs :)

    Happy New Year!

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  9. Great finds! I LOL about your cat deciding if he could fit in the basket.

  10. Sooooo many awesome that "COOL" stocking!!!


  11. Hey Kristin you got some awesome finds! I took my Christmas stuff down the day after Christmas, but only cause i had gotten some stuff i wanted to decorate with and get my house back to normal :) i usually do Valentines stuff mid January. But Snowmen are good as long as it is snowy!!
    Happy New Year!

  12. I love the pictures in your last post.

    Fellow Blog Hopper:)

  13. Very fun finds. I love the stocking. Extra spicy. ;)

    I'm hosting an "our nest" sign giveaway! Hope you can join!

  14. SUch great thifting you will go. I am a sucker for snowmen, so that was the cutest score ever. You got some great stuff though.