Monday, December 27, 2010

My Christmas!

Hello Bloggers! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and that everyone got what they wanted and had safe travels if you went anywhere!

I have pictures to share with you of my weekend.. =)

I was playing with the color filter on my new camera, the mess after opening presents at hubbys grandma's house. I love it. (can you spy the pillow pet? =P )

Christmas Morning out the computer room window.

Lucy is stalking the presents, hoping that one of them is hers. Lucky cat got 30 cans of cat food. For free. YAY coupons!!!

How cute is this. I seriously cried when I opened it. I suggested that we get each other ornaments since I always get him one but never get any in return. Not really expecting anything or at least nothing this cute.
I cant stop looking at it. I don't want to pack it away with the christmas stuff whenever it comes down.

The ornament that I wanted to get for him was gone. Actually ALL of the ornaments from the store were gone, I was pretty upset.
I found this at Bon-Ton and it was on sale it WAS $10 I got it for $2, so not too bad!
and I thought it was pretty awesome that I picked this out, not even knowing he was going to get me any ornaments, and defiantly not knowing it was going to be gingerbread people, and I got him this gingerbread letter ornament. I thought that was neat.

So at the end of my christmas list, and for the last several months, ive been asking for another cat. And he knows that at some point in my life I want a big orange fluffy kitty.
He kept telling me that he got me a cat, it was stuffed in the ammo crate that he packed my presents into and he broke its legs and it was going to die by christmas morning. and he seriously kept going with the "the cat i got you is going to die" thing. I unpacked and unwraped everything in the crate and got to the last package on the bottom and pulled out this orange kitty stuffed animal. I cried again. I dont have any idea why i was such an emotional mess LOL but I was so amazed that he would think of that. I just thought it was cute, and funny.
Lucy approves of her new brother!

my new gloves. I had cheap pairs from walmart which are just fine but these are nice inside, nice and grippy on the outside and they have that smart touch feature that you can use your cell phone with. It's not EASY to use the phone with them but it beats having to take your gloves completely off to do stuff on your phone.

my electric tart warmer!!!
hubby walked into Yankee Candle and the first thing he said to the girl who was helping him was "my fiance wants a tart wamer, I have no idea what kind of crazy sex toy that is but can you help me find it" or something along those lines. It had sex toy in it either way and appearantly the girl was cracking up. I'm sure that totally made her day.
He told her I was going to have it in the kitchen and she helped him pick out this one and two tarts to go with it. I am proud of him for actually going into the store since he complains that I have too many candles, but he wasnt really buying me a candle, he was buying me something to use all the candles I have stashed in the closet already!!!! =P

My after christmas sales!

I ran to walmart today to pick up a few things for dinner and of course had to stop by the christmas section. I picked up a few ornaments that were half off (pictured below) I wanted that reindeer in gold or red, but they only had it in green, but whatever. I'll do something cute with him next year. and the little ornaments for my little tree.
I want to go back and buy some more different kinds of little ornaments for the tree, they had a lot of cute ones there I could use outside of christmas.

Christmas balls! I only got the green and gold today, they had TONS left, so I am going to go back and get some of the other colors. I want more green because I can use those for St. Pattys day.

I got this at Goodwill. $1.49. It's actually really big, a lot bigger than the picture makes it look. It's like a dept. 56 house only I think its a cheaper version, but I thought it was just too adorable. I snatched this up as fast as I could.
It didn't come with the light but I can find one of those somewhere, i'm sure.(hopefully)

This little tote was $2. I wasn't going to get it but I have SO many things that I can put in there. It's only 14x11 so its not huge, but it can go in my closet, or be scrapbook storage .. the possibilities are endless!

4 cups, $.25 each.
Basket $.50 It's actually fairly deep .. Idont know what to put in it yet, as with every other basket I have, but it's really cute I don't want to hide it in a closet!
a pair of khaki pants for work, a black t shirt and a yellow tank top $7 total.

I got a package of 3 wrapping papers at walmart also. half off, and it was one of the ones i was looking at before christmas so I was defiantly getting it today. I told myself I wouldn't buy anymore paper until I finished what I had, but I really liked this stuff, and I couldn't help it!

I also got one of those zip wrapping paper storage things. not the tupperware tote thing. I put all my paper away and all my bags and stuff are in there. I am going to try to fit it under the bed to give myself a little bit more room in my closet. It is seriously, SO nice to have a place for my wrapping paper instead of just thrown in the closet.

The only thing that I didn't get on my christmas list was baskets for under the coffee table, but I needed to measure first to make sure the baskets I got would fit.


  1. Hurray! I LOVED that you exchanged ornaments. What a great idea and he didn't disappoint! Great gifts! Lucy is adorable! And look at your bargains! What a great Christmas! ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up!

    Have a great week and Happy New Year, Kristin!


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  4. I bought some much needed wrapping paper after Christmas! I was surprised that most of the stores were only at 50% off yet. I wanted some BIG bargains!!

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  8. looks like it was a great Christmas and you got some great bargains to boot! I don't thin that my camera has the color filter... that's kinda cool! :)


  9. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying your new camera! What thoughtful gifts you received. Nice bargains you found already, too. The light up house will be fun next year.

  10. What a great Christmas! I also love how you made the black and white photo have touches of red in it. What sort of filter did you use on your camera to do that?

  11. Hi Kristin...I wasn't able to get to your e-mail so I'm just going to leave a message here, on your blog. Wanted to thank you, sincerely, for stopping by my blog and commenting. Sure hope you get the kitty of your dreams, eventually. Take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Susan

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  13. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas and you got some great after Christmas deals. Hard not to buy that wrapping paper when its marked down I know. Thanks for joining JFF!

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