Sunday, December 19, 2010

Under $5 Goodwill Mirror

So I made this mirror in the spring time and posted one picture of it but I wanted to actually make a post about it because I love it and want to show it off.
It cost me under $5 but I cant remember the exact amount now.
It was a gaudy gold color too, I KNEW that had to go, but it took me quite awhile to pick a color that I loved.
We found a textured stone paint and decided this was the one! We hung it in our apartment .. above the same table.. right by the door.. and here we did the same thing.. same table.. right beside the door.

Bottom of the cheese dome thing I bought at goodwill. I posted it before but wanted to put up painting pictures!


  1. Nice. I like this! Similar to mine.

    Nice find.

  2. I like this stone textured paint. It really gave a beautiful finish.