Thursday, May 26, 2011

Target/Goodwill/Walgreens trips

So I had a few trips to Target, Walgreens and Goodwill recently I thought that I'd share..
first was Walgreens (didnt take a picture) I only got a box of Advil and a box of Thermacare for $10.98 total, then i had a $5 off coupon. Paid $5.98 oop and got back a $5 RR. not bad and we can always use more asprins and stuff around here!

I had some clothes coupons that I really wanted to use but I couldn't find anything that I liked, so I walked around a little and got a few things.
My total before coupons was $20.16, after coupons it was $8.39 for everything pictured.
The only thing that I didnt have coupons for was the jar of pickles, but they were only $1.19 and I needed them.
Trip #1 to goodwill, 1 book, 2 shirts, a pair of American Eagle pants and a snowman christmas decoration (of course!) total: $9,

Close up of the snowman, I thought she was SO cute! I love the little details on her.
Trip 2 to my other Goodwill total: $8
3 bags of brown and red christmas balls $.69 each, 2 books - $1 each, 1 shirt $1.99 and one christmas ornament, its a gingerbread couple hugging and its a snowglobe - $.99, belt - $.99
i thought the ornament was a bit much but it goes perfect with the gingerbread theme of the ornaments hubby and I gave each other last year (totally by accident) but I plan on giving him this one next year. Its tiny, but its cute, and i really like it.

I was super excited to find these two books.. Wicked was there also but I know I can find that one at the upcoming book sale cheaper, I wasnt going to pass these ones up!

Im going to be posting some pictures of my coffee table. I have an idea of what i want to do with it, but I dont think it is going to work because it has inserts in the top of it so i dont think it will look right the way that I wanted to do it.. so id like some opinions from some of the awesome crafters around here! :)

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