Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend of shopping and yard sales

My day of shopping:

Bath and Body works: total $25.
I actually returned a few things, and ended up getting a few items that aren't pictured (too lazy to take another picture) I got the Pink Warm & Sweet spray (which is AWESOME.. I need to get the lotion now too.) a lip gloss and two other travel sized things that i needed in place of the things i got that I really didn't like.

CVS: Total $19, got $6 in ECBs.. I didnt get some of what I went for, i need to check my other store then get a rain check if they are out. I could've done WAY better with this but I just wanted to get everything done and did it all in one trans. Plus I got the Jergens which I wasn't really planning on getting.
Rite Aid/Walgreens
RA: $4oop have $3+UPR left over and got a $3 off $15!.. to only spend $4 total on 4 things of Axe spray is amazing to me.. Hubby goes through it like crazy too so whenever I get a chance to stock up i'll take it!
WAGS: $6.61oop got $3RR back.. was only $4.61 but I had to get something else to use my $.99 RR so I grabbed some beef jerky since it was on sale anyway.. $2 for a bag of jerky isnt bad at all either!

My weekend yard sale treasures... I was very very disappointed this weekend. The community yard sale that I've gone to for the last 3 years, and look forward to after each one and count the days until the next one was such a dud. There just weren't as many families participating this year and I got a late start.. I wanted to be there at 7 but got there around 930 and missed out on a few things that i wanted. I just wasn't in the groove. Theres even a book sale that I was so pumped for, its always been the best book sale i go to all year and this year was just a huge let down. I didnt get ANYthing from there.

I got these mugs and a book from one lady. I have MORE than enough coffee mugs and we dont drink enough coffee for them. But I loved them and HAD to have them. They come in a nice storage box too! and i got a book that I dont have pictured.

2 christmas village pieces for $1 ea.

I also got a fish tank with everything included for $6. The one that I really wanted was sold by the time I got there. and I found another cute little one with awesome rocks, but no lid for $3, I told myself that id go back for it and if it was there i'd buy it but when I went back of course it was gone. But thats ok the one i have just needs cleaned up a bit and it will be perfect! I might spray paint the lid too, its purple and Id rather have it black.


  1. Hi Kristin, thanks for your kind comment on my laundry room! I love your blog. Lots of helpful information... I will be back for sure! ~ kim

  2. Nice BBW haul. What kind of candle was that at the top?
    Was that 50 or 75% off?
    Also, what do you think of the new peach citrus?

  3. Looks like you had some successes! I haven't been to a garage sale yet this year. I'm afraid I'd drag in more dishes and I certainly don't need any more until after I've had a sale of my own!

    Thanks for your visit!

  4. oh i have those mugs...i love them