Monday, January 25, 2010

Goodwill Finds 1.25.10

I had $8 in my wallet and told myself I wouldnt put anything on my card but I wanted to check it out, see what all there was left from the weekend, or new put out.
I spent $6 and got a few things...

This was sitting out of its box and I thought it was just the cutest, I haven't tried lighting it up yet so I have no idea what it looks like lit up but its adorable as is, and I like that she has kitties! and it was only $2.99

I love gel clings for my mirrors and windows, im obsessed, i have tons for every holiday. I usually get them at walmart since thats the only place aside from Target I ever see them but I was excited to come across these, AND they were only .50 cents!

Is he not the cutest???!!! He has an indent on his stomach.. makes me think there was a second part to this like a second bunny or something, but I couldn't leave him sit there pushed to the back of the shelf, he's just so unique looking! and .99 cents!

This adorable snowman is a candleholder, but he'll probably just end up as another decoration on the shelves, I couldn't pass up this little guy either! AND he was only .29 cents!!!

I saw these two candle holders over the weekend, at .49 cents a piece, I saw everyones ideas of getting these and the tall vases and making apothecary jars so I had to go back for them, and sure enough.. there they were waiting for me! And then I saw this plain wooden heart sitting there.. .59 cents I was hoping it would've been cheaper but Ive been looking for plain wooden shapes so that I could either paint or paper them and put them around and this is perfect, and its a nice hunk of wood too!

I also got two books and a book of glitter scrapbook paper for $10 at Ollies (two books $4 each and the paper was $2) I figure I can use the paper with my scrapbook and for candles, kill two birds with one stone! and they're pretty pastel colors so that I can use them for my spring candles

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