Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Goodwill finds and valentines decorating!

I spent a few hours out today and went to two out of the 4 of our local Goodwills..
I only spent $28 and came out with a TON of cute stuff, along with a scrub top and three super awesome bath towels that I didn't take pictures of. I also got four bags of gold christmas beads ill put into a jar or vase whenever the need to use gold arises.. I also got 3 big soup bowls which I needed more of, and two small heavy bowls for my rats cage since they tip over everything else I put in there... -.-

Cute little birdhouse, on top of my bookshelf

got the basket and the apples and pears for $3

heart shaped jar, which i now have those cinnamon candies in. there was a white one there too but i didnt get it, if its still there when i go back im going to pick it up.

got the vase at goodwill awhile back, and the beads and flowers at walmart.

.99 cents for both the candle and holder, i thought itw as really cute, and the candle i can use for every holiday!

I've been looking for one of these EVERYwhere. I finally found one! it was only 1.99, its kinda small but oh well!

Cute little jar thing, i like the color, texture and the writing around it.. ill probably just sit it on my counter and use it to store random stuff. i believe this was only .59 cents as well.

hanging xmas decoration, .59 cents

sleigh, another thing that would look cute with pinecones or xmas balls.

Cute gold sparkly tree, 1.99, i dont like the teardrop things on it but i can remove those. there were two but i dont know what id do with two.

.99 cents, thought it was cute!

This vase is gorgeous, and i really like the flowers in there too, it will look so cute next to the birdcage on top of my bookshelf.. only .99 cents!

This bottle was adorable! It was only $1.99.. i couldn't pass it up.

I know I could've made something similar, but it was only .59 cents, so why not just buy it! its so cute

This star is filled with 13 different kinds of beans to make a soup, i dont like the beans, nor do i plan on making the soup but i love the jar ill probably fill it with small pebbles or glass beads or something later on. .99 cents

Cute little metal/tin basket, this would look adorable filled with pinecones! .59 cents!


  1. Wow! Kristin,you really do find some great deals. Thank you for letting me know you can see my followers! xo rachel

  2. you have an apothecary jar right there, it looks like a good size to me. and you have the candlesticks in your other post. you are good to go, my friend!

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your comment love on my apothecary jars!

  3. Hi Kristen,WoW you have been super busy!!!
    I love your beautiful projects..
    Thanks for linking up to PA Blog..
    always a pleasure