Friday, January 29, 2010

More Winter Finds

I went to one of the local Goodwills on my way to Wal-Mart.. I told myself I wouldn't but I couldn't help it and i ended up really glad that I did!
I got all of this, plus two books and a really nifty fake plant (that is still in my car ill get a picture later) for $27.. They also had two different types of birdhouses, I had them both in my cart but put them back, if they're there when i go back i will get them but not this time.

A duck, bird and mouse, i love the mouse and i kinda want to paint him but im not sure.. and the bird I can put with my newly acquired birdhouse!

Two gold heart candles, a red tall and gold short pillar candle, both with really awesome designs on them, and a bag of silver sparkly balls i can use just about year round!

Although really tiny, I thought it was really cute!

$1 red shimmery plate, it says its from Things Remembered on the back so it couldn't have been cheap originally when someone got it, I can use it for Valentines, Christmas and 4th of July, then use it in my bedroom the rest of the year!

I really liked the vase this was in and thought it was worth $3 all day. I have purple flowers on top of my bookshelf and even though i don't much care for purple i thought the flowers were cute too, and whenever i can find something to go into the vase i can always take the flowers out and save them for something else!

As I was checking out I looked behind the cashier on the counter and saw this. I knew it was one of the 4 or 5 left that I wanted, and I had it on my list for my boyfriend to get me for a Valentines/Anniversary present. I thought about telling him to go back and get it for me on Sat or Sun, but it just came in earlier today, and I knew somebody would snatch it up way before he would get there. I asked her how much and she said $7.99, really it would be over $30 in the store so how could I pass it up! I'll just give it to him to give to me come our anniversary! and then he wont even have to do any shopping and i'll feel good that I saved some money on it!


  1. You found such amazing items Kristin! The candles are really beautiful.

    Thanks for coming by for a sweet visit!

    ~Blessings to you, ~Melissa :)

  2. What great items you found at GW! I wish we had one that sold things as nice as that around here. You were so smart to get that lovely anniversary gift for yourself! We do that all the time...that way you get what you want, save money and no one has to stress about gifts - you can save that energy for creating a romantic setting!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I KNEW I paid WAY TOO MUCH for those vases! (worth it to me though!)Wish there was a clear one too - your idea of hearts in it sounds great!