Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My first White Wednesday!!

Hello everyone! I am linking up to my very first White Wednesday!!

Now I have never participated in a White Wednesday previously because I just do not have that much white in our home, unfortunately. Hubby really doesn't like white, and most of our furniture is wood or black. I plan on redoing a couple of pieces though, and really want to do a dark stain on top and white (or possibly gray) on the bottom.

I went around and took pictures of a few of the white knick knacks I have scattered around.. We recently did a big deep clean because we had someone come to look at our house so there isn't as much out as there was... but here are a few things!

First is the top of one of my book shelves ... I had to move the picture over so you could see the white cat better, and ignore the hubby's model plane -.- After Easter I took everything down and never really did re-decorate anything, I just kind of threw things around and didn't do much with anything.

My little white Goodwill bird basking in the (nonexistent) Pennsylvania sun amongst the plants on the window sill.
Some of my Willow tree collection sitting on a silver tray with fake pearls, heart gem stones and a key.

Top of my corner hutch with all my birdhouses and random country knick knacks
More Willow Tree scattered about..

Not too much white :(
I defiantly need to start adding some more.. lighten my color scheme up!
First I need to get the hubby more into the idea!

Thank you for checking me out, sorry my link up is a bit boring!

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  1. Hey! Your whites can be from anywhere...not just at home. The garden, the store...just anywhere! It's so nice to meet you and glad you linked up with White Wednesday. :)