Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Today I am linking up with

First of all, if you haven't heard of, or started an account with Pinterest yet.. you NEED to.
You need an invite right now though and I have already sent a bunch of friends requests to join and they are hooked.. so if you are interested in joining please let me know and i'd be more than happy to send you an invite!

I love saving pictures of things that I love, want to do/create/etc, to a folder on my desktop. I still have yet to upload EVERYTHING that I have saved in that folder.. but i'll get there eventually.. until then I am loving the site. I get on every single day .. most of the time more than just once and will spend hours just looking at things, and pinning things and getting ideas. I adore this website.

Here are some of my recent pins:

I ADORE this piece.. I want more than anything to have something like this in my home before I die.

How cute is this??? I love it. I think whenever we buy and move into our new home, I want this in our entry way somewhere... I just think its cute!

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

A Terrarium: I want to make one (or 50) of these, so badly! I have more than enough things to make them in, and I have found SO many ADORABLE ideas. This is one of my favorite things to look up on here now, I am obsessed!

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

another idea that I LOVE... a bit morbid to some, but I think its lovely

A craft idea that I REALLY want to do.. Important dates!

Another crafty idea that I really want to do that would go along great with the important dates one.. a 'collage' of keys!

There are SOOOOOO many other things that I have on there, and that I have yet to upload.
I would love followers on there, and will defiantly follow back as I love to peek into what other people are pinning!!!

Thank you so much for joining me and taking a peek into my pins, and I look forward to seeing you soon! =]


  1. Hey the important dates has my bday highlighted :)

    Love the little mouse hole pin - too cute! They are all awesome. Great finds.

  2. Love all of your pins!
    I did something similar with the keys but use all the phone numbers for every house we've had.
    Hmmm, maybe I should post that someday.
    Anyway, I'll follow you on Pinterest!


  3. I love the terrarium idea!!! I want to make one for my house!!!!

    Thank you so much for linking up!!!

    Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

  4. Hi Kristin...thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following you now too. I love the important dates project...very cool. I'll go right now and follow you on Pinterest!

  5. Really cute idea...unfortunately we've moved so many times over the years that there isn't a frame large enough to hold all the keys...if I had kept them! lol